Author Topic: RRC DynDns Result "not found"  (Read 448 times)


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RRC DynDns Result "not found"
« on: 2019-04-03, 07:13:12 »
Dear All,

i using a IC 7100 and setup Radio and controll RRC in my local Network with a ADSL router, all works, now i try to bring them a part and try to use Dynamic DNS settings (supported from the radio RRC) at my radio RRC :

own host name:
username: rrc1258-XXXX
paswort: rjuXXXX

I trie to use my Control RRC from another Network with the new  IP Settings in my Control RRC withour succes.

I try to cross check true remoterig webside --status check-- and input : mdXXXb18

RRC DynDns Result:
mdXXXb18 not found!

I tried this in my own Network (disabel my Firewall) or outside true 4G but can not get a status report

what i am doing wrong?

any help welcome

73 de Robert


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Re: RRC DynDns Result "not found"
« Reply #1 on: 2019-04-03, 08:17:36 »
You have probably set the DNS IP wrong, if you look att the status page in the Radio-RRC it will show that. You can always use google DNS if you don't know your own'

73 de mike