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COM0 with IC-7100
« on: 2019-06-08, 19:34:28 »
I found the explanation of COM0 to be confusing for my application, so I am seeking explanation.  I have the IC-7100 radio and its control panel connected via the RemoteRig 1258MKII and all is working.  I would like to connect N1MM or any other program to get to CI-V control for logging.  Since there must be limited serial communication between the two RemoteRig units, I assumed that COM0 is assigned to the serial communication between the radios control panel and the main unit.  In the RRC-1258 MkII: Control setup is Use USB Com Port as COM0.  Would setting on actually allow the PC to open that port and be on the port between the radio's control panel and main unit?  Of course this is probably not a protocol like CI-V.  Or, should the manual have stated that if the IC-7100 is connected with the control panel using Radio Setting's program 2, to not use "Use USB Com Port as COM0."  But, use another port for CI-V, if access is needed to use other software.

Is this correct?


After trying to Set COM0 on to see what would occur, I discovered that it cannot be set to YES and stay, when the Radio Setting is in program 2.  So, I am assuming that COM0 is not available if the IC-7100 control panel is attached.
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Re: COM0 with IC-7100
« Reply #1 on: 2019-06-09, 12:40:01 »
Hi you need to use a i-V interface connected between Radio-RRC com2 and the radio 3.5 mm CI-V connector.

we have one, ICOMS- CT-17 can also be used. ( ebay interfaces without separate power will not work)

73 de mike