Author Topic: FT8900 sending audio UDP when it's squelched  (Read 150 times)


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FT8900 sending audio UDP when it's squelched
« on: 2020-01-10, 22:16:59 »
Hi, I'm using FT8900 with new RRC, 2.95 firmware. The problem is, that when there is no receiving signal, radio part is still sending UDP frames with audio. I tried all 3 settings in Advanced menu, "RTP tx mode" - Squelch, Normal and Continuos. In LAN network it is not a problem, but when I use Internet connection it couses unwanted traffic. I thing that RRC do not recognise when the radio is squelched or not. My second question is, if I can use RRC setup with non listed type of radio, i.e. motorola using rx, tx audio signals and ptt and COR (busy) signal ?