Author Topic: Antenna Switch 1269B - SunSDR Pro 2, frequency for antenna change  (Read 191 times)


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I have the Antenna Switch 1269B, working great with the Web-page. I have the control panel as shown in the attachment.

But, I really like to have the Antenna Switch to follow my SunSDR Pro 2. The switch is located in my tower.

One thought I had, was to install a Raspberry Pi, and let it act as ser2net server, and have a USB - RS232 connector connected to the Antenna Switch, and get a com port
from the PC provide the Antenna Switch with the frequency. (This is the way I provide the frequency to my SPE Expeprt 1.3k-FA.)

A RS-232 radio modem, could also do the trick....

My hope is that there is some other way. Software Defined Connectors? TCI via the ExpertSDR2 application?

73 de SA0BYP /  SE0P, Palle