Author Topic: Set up Instructions for RemoteRig K3 Twins for the digital mode "FT8"  (Read 252 times)


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I am looking for detailed instructions that walk an operator through the setup of a local K3/Mini, remote K3 and the Remote Rig K3-Twins. I have been unsuccessful in my use of the search engine to find all the needed information in one place. Bits and pieces yes but not an easily understood set of instructions similar to the initial setup instructions for SSB and CW operation.

I welcome help from the community, especially if this has already been answered within the forum.  Please feel free to contact me directly at

Chip - W6MY


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I have a networking checklist that walks you through the process of setting up RemoteRig. This is
generic and not rig specific, because that is well documented in their manual or the Elecraft one.

If interested, drop me a mail at dj0qn (at) darc (dot) de and I will send it to you.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX