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« on: 2009-09-27, 17:36:08 »
Good evening
Question: I will buy the TS-480 package. Later on, in case I shall change my rig and use Icom or Yaesu TRCV - can I use the same package or do I have to buy comletely new stuff?
Control of the WEB Switch 1216E - can it be done through 1258 or is there any other configuration?
Many thanks Stan


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Re: TS-480
« Reply #1 on: 2009-09-27, 19:53:15 »
Yes if you buy the set preconfigured for TS-480 you can use it all other configurations. You only need to built new cables and change some settings in the Remoterig boxes.

Manual Control of the WEB-switch can be done over the Internet from any PC. It has a built in webserver. It has nothing to do with the Remoterig boxes. If you want to use it for automatic antenna switching you connect it directly to the radios CAT port, not to the Remoterig box.

73 de mike