Author Topic: Remote rig problems continued  (Read 2958 times)


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Remote rig problems continued
« on: 2011-05-02, 17:17:52 »
Hi All:

After taking my remote down for reset and successfully testing it in my apartment and got it working fine, I set it up again this weekend.
Of course, I'm not getting any functionality what so ever but I can access the Radio RRC's web page perfectly through my dyndns assigned host.
I have the remote router set to port forward UDP audio and cmd along with sip and so on but still nothing.
I also have my router here in my apartment configured to allow the same but still nothing. 
Both extern IPs match the remote site's ISP assigned IP, so no problem there.
Again, when both units were here in my apartment, they worked perfectly! LOL
I didn't change anything, just setup port forwarding and the external IPs.

Totally lost: Help!

TNX & 73:




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Re: Remote rig problems continued
« Reply #1 on: 2011-05-02, 18:38:04 »
If it works on your local LAN the hardware is ok and you are almost there. Remember that dyndns can not be used at the local LAN.

At the radio QTH setup the router to forward ports 80 (tcp),5060 (udp),11000 (udp),12000 (udp) to the ip of your RRC. Or even better set the Radio-RRC as DMZ host. Be sure that SIP ALG is NOT activated if you have a parameter like that. If you have IP-telephony in either end change the SIP-port from 5060 to something else, in both ends.

The extern ip should NOT be set anywhere, The dyndns adress should be used as SIP-contact at the Control RRC when you move the equipment to the radio-QTH.

73 de mike