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Re_Remote Rig Problems
« on: 2011-05-02, 19:50:10 »
Hi Mike:

I have my ports at the RRC's QTH setup to forward to the internal assigned ip of the Radio RRC. don't think this was the problem, unless the QTH's Router might have some problems.  Will have to check next weekend. I'd like to use DMZ but not sure how to set it up on my type of router.
Didn't see an option only port forwarding or port triggering and elected to go with port forwarding instead.
I have now removed both the extern ips, this is right? I also have the Control RRC SIP contact pointing to the dyndns host.  I'm still not getting anything except when I got rid of the extern ips, my control RRC emitted some sort of alert. 

TNX & 73: