Author Topic: Question entering Dyndns info in Linksys WRT54G router  (Read 4093 times)

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I created an account with Dyndns and when I enter the info in the router, wrt54g, it comes back with a invalid domain name message. I cut and pasted it right out of Dyndns account page. Syntax:
I tried http:// in front of it and also / after it. Nothing makes it happy.
Not sure what is wrong.


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Re: Question entering Dyndns info in Linksys WRT54G router
« Reply #1 on: 2011-05-30, 19:10:15 »
Not sure if this relates to your issue but...

I had the same crappy router and it would not let me do port forwarding.  I could go through the steps but it would not work.  I downloaded and installed the latest firmware and still I could not forward my ports.

I called Linksys and they said Port Forwarding was not possible with that Router.  It was long out of warranty and they said they could give me software to allow it to port forward for only $29.  The other option was to buy a newer version from them but I had had it with Linksys.  This was either my second or third router from them.  They seem to self destruct every couple of years.

I purchased a Netgear WNR2000 vs 2 which forwarded my ports easily and also allows SIP ALG to be disabled.  Setup is explained fairly well in their documentation. 

Good Luck,

Walt,  W6SA