Author Topic: Remote rig and HRD/Supercontrol, display issues  (Read 1933 times)


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Remote rig and HRD/Supercontrol, display issues
« on: 2009-11-03, 13:31:32 »
When I was testing my FT-857 with HRD and also with Supercontrol.
I found that the display reading in both programs is unstable.
Most of the time the reading was incorrect with a lot of "b7C#" bla bla.
The TX/RX function in Supercontrol was also tested at the same time and it worked without problems.

I changed the baudrate settings, etc, in both the interfaces and the programs, but without luck.
Good to mention that I was doing those tests on my internal (1GB) network, so no delays occurred.
Has anyone got ideas how to get a proper corresponding display ?

73e Michael