Author Topic: Rrc Micro sound hrd  (Read 2080 times)


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Rrc Micro sound hrd
« on: 2011-10-03, 06:10:08 »
I have installed the RRC Micro PC client, and there can be plugged up.
But I get no sound in headset
I have tested with an audio file and listen to it via the 1274a with the headset without any problems.
Can not even start the HRD to control the radio.
I have a Icim 706 mkIIg
Would be very grateful for the help.
Best Regards Mats

I4GAD Enrico

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Re: Rrc Micro sound hrd
« Reply #1 on: 2011-10-12, 12:55:00 »
in order to hear the radio audio, you must have full control of the radio, to turn it on and properly set the audio gain. Is the IC-706 properly interfaced to the RRC Radio Box ? Does your set up works fine when you connect the radio with the RRC Controller ?
I'm using a remote Kenwood TS-480 with RRC 1274A and RRC CLient 1.3.1 + Ham Radio Deluxe in SSB with good results. Audio is excellent in both directions.
I'm still having some problem on CW and basically I don't like HRD, but the client works well.
I'll be happy if I can help.
73 Enrico