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Title: New firmware for RRC-1258all. v2.50
Post by: sm2o on 2011-12-20, 09:50:30
News in version 2.50:

- New function: Automatic switching in Radio-RRC for users who want to altern between K3 twin/Yaesu Twin or RRC/PC -control. No change of settings needed. The Radio RRC switch between mode 14/10 and 4 automatically.
New function: PTT off mute delay time ( andvanced settings). Makes it possible to mute chirps coming from Tx-monitor audio when PTT is released.
Fix: One situation where USB could hang up is fixed.
Fix: Pwr on/off command  for Yaesu FT-450/950/2000/5000/9000 now always sent if mode=4 and Yaesu pwr on/off = Yes.
Users manual version A18 updated with the functions above.