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Title: YAESU TWIN Known Bugs
Post by: ON4AOI on 2012-06-06, 16:37:06
Hi All Twin users,
This Topic is only to help Mike,Jan & Roland solving known bugs in the Yaesu protocol.
Pse add so we get a complete list.

Some buttons like "Width" "Shift" have to be set ON at the remote side before you can switch them
on/off at the control side.

Transverter connected to the remote rig is not working at the control side.
When the setup is done correctly you can use a transverter at the remote side without any problem
but when you try it from the local end it is not working anymore.
The only way you can use a transverter is to switch the radio ON at the remote end and
setup for using the transverter.
Leave the radio ON and drive back to the control side,
Switch on the radio there.
Now you can use 10Khz up/down of the freq you saw on the remote radio but only when using RX and TX clarifier.
When using the normal VFO it stops working.

Guy ON4AOI     
Title: Re: YAESU TWIN Known Bugs
Post by: on4iq on 2012-06-06, 17:54:29
Hi Guy,
i noticed the same stuff.
but when controlling the rig in mode 4 yaesu, the issue with transverter remains the same, so could be a yaesu issue aswell.
Title: Re: YAESU TWIN Known Bugs
Post by: dj0qn on 2012-06-07, 09:01:34
Hi Guy,

My bug list from my 22 Sept. posting is still current, except that the problem with PC Client and power on was solved.

Here is the remaining list:

- Low audio output, no difference how JMP4 is set (using amplified PC speakers)
- Changing antennas in split uses only the last one set by the radio side on the B VFO
- Some controls are inconsistent, such as power output. Haven't spent time trying all controls

The antenna problem is a real issue, and seems related to what you noted above. It seriously affects
split operation. The problem with controls is essentially also what you noted, it affects buttons, but
sometimes controls like power. I am using 2 x FT-2000.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX
Title: Re: YAESU TWIN Known Bugs
Post by: ON4AOI on 2012-06-07, 21:45:17
Hi Mitch
-concerning the antennas I can't check.
I only use Ant-A and the rx-ant all other antennas are controlled by Stationmaster and/or by expert amp
-Power output control with FTDX-5000 twins has never been a problem here,
the cat-commands on first look seems to be the same so this looks like a radio related problem
I remember that we had to build in a small delay for ft-2000 in dx4win otherwise we had to much time-outs

Title: Re: YAESU TWIN Known Bugs
Post by: on4iq on 2012-06-10, 16:45:28
Hi Guy
I tried to see if I could send the width /shift commands via a pc connected to the RRC at the remote side, (I have com1-2 echoing so all commands go through the RRC)
No joy alas, looks lile the RRC is just not transferring the commands.
Title: Re: YAESU TWIN Known Bugs
Post by: ON4AOI on 2012-06-21, 18:49:12
No one else has problems or questions ?