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Title: RRC_Micro and TS-480 with Bandmaster III???
Post by: WB4LCN on 2013-01-30, 02:44:09
I'm in a quandary about the RRC-Micro. I just received shipment of one and I'm at a loss of how to arrange it with my current remote setup.

Right now, I use the CAT port on the TS-480 for the Bandmaster III to convert the CAT data to readable band data that controls my antenna switch. Whenever I change bands on the TS-480 control panel, the RRC-Radio will send the CAT signal out the CAT port on the rig and then to the Bandmaster controlling the antenna relay located on the tower. Whenever I switch bands, the antenna switch follows.

Now, the RRC-Micro Setup instructions imply (and the product diagram shows), that in order to use that system, I need to have one of the unused COM ports on the RRC-Radio (COM2 in my case) connected to the TS0480's CAT port - however, I already have a connection on the CAT port with the Bandmaster III and the antenna switcher.

QUESTION:  Can I use a COM port splitter to connect both the Bandmaster III and the COM port on the RRC-Radio box to the TS-480 CAT port? If that will work, is this one OK? (

Or, is this one what I should use? (

UPDATE: I was just reading here and it seems possible. (

 Is there someone out that has resolved this issue before?

Thanks much!

dave :)
Title: Re: RRC_Micro and TS-480 with Bandmaster III???
Post by: dj0qn on 2013-01-30, 11:36:49

Here is the solution to your problem:

- Set the TS-480's CAT to use COM2 on the RRC as is usual for this type of setup. Put a serial cable
   between the RRC COM2 and TS-480 and change the RRC's COM2 to mode-5 (TS-480).

- Put a serial cable between the radio RRC's COM1 and the Bandmaster. Note that the pinout of the
   COM1 port is "mirrored", so look at the pinout in the manual. Change COM1 to mode-6 (or mode-7
   in some cases) and the CAT data will be forwarded to both COM ports.

This will allow you to use the RRC-Micro as expected. I also suggest that you set COM2 to a low speed,
such as 4800. This keeps bandwidth to a minimum. You can set COM1 to any other speed, they don't
have to be the same. This won't be sent over the internet as long as you don't use mode-7.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX
Title: Re: RRC_Micro and TS-480 with Bandmaster III???
Post by: WB4LCN on 2013-01-30, 16:17:45
Alright!! Mitch to the rescue! :)

Thanks, Mitch. I'll set that up this weekend. I knew there was some way around this. BTW, I already use 4800 for the Bandmaster, so that won't be a problem. I'll be in touch and let you know how things work.

Again, thanks, Mitch! ;)