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Title: 1258 Pairs!
Post by: VK4LES on 2013-06-01, 04:57:18

I have had an impossible time trying to get the remote rigs going with a TS-480 over the internet. They have worked great over the same LAN. I think I broke one and bought another - still no luck.

Are the remote rigs sold in compatible pairs or replacing one is no problem?

Title: Re: 1258 Pairs!
Post by: sm2o on 2013-06-01, 08:57:40
No, any combinations can be used they can be of different versions etc. all are compatible. If everything is working on LAN but not over the Internet you should not look for the problems in the Remoterig, you should look at your Routers and their settings. Sometimes even the ISP can be a problem for example they can have blocked port 5060 so must change it. But you must describe your problem better if we should be able to help.

73 de  mike
Title: Re: 1258 Pairs!
Post by: dj0qn on 2013-06-01, 11:31:07

Drop me a short mail at dj0qn (at) and I will send you my networking
checklist that should help you locate your problem.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX