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Title: JT65 via Remoterig?
Post by: DL7AV on 2013-08-10, 08:44:42
Hi all,
before I try it: Has anyone used Remoterig for the reception of weak signals via JT65? What settings did you use to receive signals below the noise level? "0-alaw 8 kHz" will probably not work, maybe "linear 16bits 8 kHz"?
73,  Thomas  DL7AV
Title: Re: JT65 via Remoterig?
Post by: g4swx on 2013-08-14, 21:21:34
Hi Thomas,

Yes JT65 works well.  I had 120 JT65B 144MHz EME QSOs remotely from my station last year as GB2EME with no real problems.
Do not use any compression, A-Law etc as they do distort the incoming signal and that will fool the JT65 decoder on very weak signals.
I used 16 bit 8KHz for an easy life - you do not need to carefuly set levels. I have decoded callsigns on 144MHz JT65B EME at -29/-30 at times.
With very careful setting of all levels; rig, RRC-1258 and computer I have used linear 12bits bits 8KHz. With 8 bit A-law I have had some QSOs but would not use it for weak signal working.

John G4SWX
Title: Re: JT65 via Remoterig?
Post by: DL7AV on 2013-08-15, 15:46:37
Hi John,

thank you! That's very important news for me, saves me time.

73,  Thomas  DL7AV