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Title: DynDNS Help Needed with Kenwood TS-480SAT
Post by: N4HH on 2010-05-11, 23:49:18
I know just enough to be dangerous and am a struggling newbie.

I've got the remote working FB on my local network but can't get it to work through the web.  My DSL is dynamically assigned an IP address so I've gotten an alias through DynDNS.  When I ping my alias, it returns the IP that I used when I registered and not the IP that may currently be assigned by my provider.  This seems to be why I can't connect through the web.  Shouldn't the IP of my alias be updated with a new IP as my provider changes it?  I've got the built-in DynDNS turned on, am using the latest software, and the radio IP set in the DMZ to try to avoid port issues - I think! Any help would be greatly appreciated.  '73 es gud dxing -- Don N4HH
Title: Re: DynDNS Help Needed with Kenwood TS-480SAT
Post by: va7awm on 2010-05-30, 18:28:08
I have completed my initial remote control testing on my LAN, and now I am just starting with DynDNS, and having trouble like you. In answer to your question, I was able to log into my DynDNS account via my web browser and update my IP location. However, I am sure this is not the proper way to do this, as it defeats the "Dynamic" concept. Update: Yes, that is something you can do, because the address on the DynDNS web site only represents a snapshot. It really doesn't matter because your Radio RRC will move to its new location. Just won't be shown update on the website.

Update: Good News, after a half-hour of staring at everything, DynDNS working. Had to select DHCP YES on the radio IP page. Remote control now working between 2 separate internet providers. Still on the test-bed in my shack. I use Shaw Cable internet and Rogers Portable Internet. Note: It turns out that I am keeping DHSP at NO, once I got my router working.

Update: Bad News, inserted the Linksys router at the Radio end, and have lost contact and DynDNS connection. Looking at all settings on router and radio control.

Update: Better news, just established remote radio with Linksys Router installed. Need to review settings. Had to unplug and restart the router.

73 Alan VA7AWM
Title: Re: DynDNS Help Needed with Kenwood TS-480SAT
Post by: DF3FX on 2010-05-30, 22:05:02
Dump Question - Have you (N4HH) configured Dyndns accound in your router or Remoterig uint?
If not - Dyndns cannot guess IP your provider assigns to you - you have to enter the accound deteails into router
ord Remoterig so that the box can update the IP on Dyndns server.
Don't forget the portforwardings on the remote side ( Rig side).

Assigning DHCP address to the remote Unit (Rig side) is only a good idea if your router always distributes the same IP to
remoterig. Else the portforwardings don't work.

@ both

Best way is:

1)create dyndns account - enter dyndns data into your router so that router can update the ip for dyndns.
2)give the remote unit a fixed ip inbetween the routers subnet. ( DHCP may work if the router assigns always the same IP to the unit)
3) create the necessary port forwardings on the router.

4) configure control unit ( display side) with IP (DHCP OK) and the dyndns address as target.
- cheack if all settings are configured correctly for your radio

5) enjoy :-)

Hope I could help you

Title: Re: DynDNS Help Needed with Kenwood TS-480SAT
Post by: N4HH on 2010-06-01, 18:33:38
Alan and Felix - thank you for your suggestions.  I've been away and am just getting back to work on this.

Yes, I do have dyndns configured on RemoteRig and thought that dyndns should only be turned on in either the router or the rig but not both.  I didn't understand that if you went to your "Hosts" at that it was just a "snapshot" and would not actually show what IP was being sent as an update to it so it may be working and I just don't know it - and - I've got other problems!

But - when I "ping" my dyndns alias it does not return my current DNS assigned IP by my ISP, it just returns the IP that I used when I opened the account.  With a "ping" shouldn't it return the actual current IP?

I did move the radio IP into the DMZ in the router.  When I did that I thought that meant that I didn't have to forward the ports.  Is that right?

Since I've been away from it for the last couple of weeks, I've forgotten all I thought I knew!  I'll report back in a week when I've had time to straighten out what I've done and can post a more detailed note!  Many thanks :-)  73 es gud dxing -- Don N4HH

Title: Re: DynDNS Help Needed with Kenwood TS-480SAT
Post by: va7awm on 2010-06-05, 00:59:06
I believe that pinging a dyndns url is not useful, because we are using the free service.

My station is fully operational now, and the main lesson I learned is to be patient after plugging the Radio RRC into its LAn connection. Give DynDNS a chance to work.

You are correct about the DMZ. Also correct about not using DHCP at the Radio end.

Any further questions? I am just a newbie too, but would be glad to share experiences.

73 Alan VA7AWM
Title: Re: DynDNS Help Needed with Kenwood TS-480SAT
Post by: VE6SH on 2010-06-15, 15:59:57

When you say you are using a Rogers "portable" site are you using a 3G stick? If you are I am curious how that is working for you. I am struggling with a high speed connection in the proposed remote site.


Title: Re: DynDNS Help Needed with Kenwood TS-480SAT
Post by: W6SA on 2010-07-31, 00:21:54
I may have overlooked it but I don't believe anyone has mentioned using the DynDNS supplied update application which automatically updates the IP which your ISP has assigned to you. 

I know it works because I hooked up a different router for testing and it was assigned a new IP by the ISP.  DynDNS automatically updated it.  You can force an update also, which I did rather than wait for them to find it on their own once I put back the original router.

73, Walt