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Title: K3 remote
Post by: LA7NO on 2017-02-27, 10:26:03

The last few days we have been working on setting up K3 + Remoterig + K3/0-mini to communicate over Internet using wirelss 4G routers. All seems to work just fine on receive and CW transmit.
However, we have not managed to get it to work using the mic.

I have been using an old Kenwood dynamic mic.
The K3 is configured with mic set to "rP.L" (no bias)
The K3/0 is set to "FP.H" (also no bias).

Also tried with a Heil headset.
Tried this with K3 set to both "rP.H bIAS" and "rP.H" (no bias)
Also tried with K3/0 set to "FP.H bIAS".

Nothing worked, even with mic gain set to max.
Now I start to wonder if there can be something wrong with the Remoterig configuration.

Hope someone can help.


Title: Re: K3 remote
Post by: sm2o on 2017-02-27, 10:36:50

there is no separat config for the K3/0. if the mic cable is connected to the rear panel, the K3/100 should be set to use rear panel, no bias needed.

If you by K3/0 mean the K3/0-Mini you can connect the mic to the Mini. If you mean the K3/0 (the full size control K3) you cannot connect the mic to the K3/0 you connect it direct to the RRC mic jack.

73 de mike

Title: Re: K3 remote
Post by: LA7NO on 2017-02-27, 10:48:30
Hi Mike,

and thanks for your comments.

It is a K3/0-mini.
The mic is connected to the std. mic connector on the front.

What else can I check?