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Title: Local network firewall problem
Post by: w2hdi on 2019-06-06, 21:23:11
My ADSL router was recently reset.  I've managed to open up the proper ports, and remote rig is working well with one strange exception.
I can only access remote rig from outside of my local/home network.  Using the Android app, I can operate the station when wifi on the phone is turned off, and I access via Verizon Wireless.  Works fine.  And if I'm away, I can also access via whatever wifi is available.
But when I'm home, I cannot connect via wifi. I've tried two different wifi routers, with no success.  Remote rig is connected via ethernet to my DSL modem, as is my Google wifi router.
Prior to this, I was able to access my remote rig on my home wifi network.
Would hope someone can advise.
Title: Re: Local network firewall problem
Post by: dj0qn on 2019-06-06, 21:47:40
If I understand you correctly, then you can reach your RRC from outside of your network using the DDNS address and not inside.

This is a sign of a good router which should block the outside address from working inside of your network.

You must use the radio RRC's internal IP instead, e.g.198.168.xx.yyy.

Mitch DJ0QN  / K7DX

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Title: Re: Local network firewall problem
Post by: w2hdi on 2019-06-12, 04:26:48
Thank you Mitch.  Yes, I changed the IP to that of the Radio RRC and it worked right away.  I should have thought of this, but it's been almost three years since I set up the system, and forgot some of the basics!  In addition, I believe that my older modem did allow me to get through to the Radio RRC on the same network by using the  ip.
Arnie  W2HDI