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Title: Reach the Radio over openVPN ?
Post by: OE7AFT on 2020-12-20, 08:37:54
Since at my remote location is almost impossible to get a public IP, I am trying to use a VPN service.
The service offers to each user (over openVPN) a static IP and 32 ports that can be configured to be forwarded to the RRC.
I have configured the router to forward the ports assigned to me to the RRC ports, e.g.:
Static IP myport xxxx1 --> RRC Local IP: RRC port 80
Static IP myport xxxx2 --> RRC Local IP: RRC port 13000
Static IP myport xxxx3 --> RRC Local IP: RRC port 13001
Static IP myport xxxx4 --> RRC Local IP: RRC port 13002

Now I can infact reach the WEB interface from the outside.  Anyway, it seems the 2  RRCs cannot communicate to each other on  ports 13000-13002. In the Advenced settings (control side) I have indicated the static IP and the xxxc2-xxxx4 as  new SIP, RTP and DATA  ports but it doesn't work....

any idea?

73 de Enrico IZ4AFL / OE7AFT
Title: Re: Reach the Radio over openVPN ?
Post by: sm2o on 2020-12-20, 18:14:22

I have never heard anyone using that. I suspect that even if it works in theory, it will be to slow when all traffic is passing a server maybe in another country or even in another continent.

I guess it's better to use routers where you can setup a "local" VPN tunnel, but you need to have a public IP-address in one end to make it work.

73 de mike

Title: Re: Reach the Radio over openVPN ?
Post by: Robert Kile on 2021-11-18, 04:51:40
You are not the only one. I am using Tailscale and have exactly the same issue. I can log into the router and the RRC Control and Radio Boxes but can not initiate radio turn on, control and audio. It is very frustrating because I am trying to get away from crap cellular connection that has a Static IP. It seems that RemoteRig does not behave very well with their signaling system and no one seems to want to give any details on it's execution.

The Control box generates a short burst of data to the Remote box and it does not wait for a response. I have watched the local network and Tailscale traffic using Wireshark but have not been able to see what happens at the remote end yet. These VNC networks do have dedicated internal IP and they are capable of establishing the best route. Tailscale is based on Wireguard.

If I had a suggestion to adapt RemoteRig to modern times  by implementing a web server with the same functionality using plug in modules for rig control. It would seem like a better option than floating s small stateless UDP packet for turn on around the network.
Bob W7RH