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Title: UDP command status error on Control unit
Post by: K9SO on 2021-08-05, 14:56:53
After years of reliable operation linking my IC-706MKIIg control head (panel), my RRC1258 control unit stopped working. The radio panel screen is blank and I have no audio transfer in either direction. The control unit shows ERROR on the UDP command status line.

I have several systems based on the RRC1258 and have multiple links to the same radio unit (only one at a time of course). My other links work fine. At least one of them is on the exact same network with the exact same settings. My system consists of 4 Icom radio panels linked to one radio. So I have 4 RRC1258 control units linking to one RRC1258 radio unit. All other locations still work perfectly. I have the radio panels in two fixed locations, one in my car, and one in a battery operated "go box".

I swapped out the suspect RRC1258 control unit with a known good one and cloned the settings. The replacement works fine.

The suspect unit is linking fine: it can still turn on/off the radio through the PWK link and the CW keying link still functions so this failure of COM0 or UDP only is puzzling. No audio or data for the display unit.

This is not a network issue as other units (control heads) on the same network and a known good replacement work fine. I tried reflashing the firmware with no joy.

Is this unit repairable?


Title: Re: UDP command status error on Control unit
Post by: K9SO on 2021-08-07, 15:20:53
No replies ... so apparently the RRC 1258 units are not repairable. Into the landfill it goes. >:(