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Title: "Choppy Audio"
Post by: N7UVZ on 2021-10-08, 02:35:13
I will move this to another forum as I had not luck with General one.

I finally got the units to work........BUT.........from one Wednesday night to another,  I have come up with ANOTHER problem.

It worked fine for the Net, I shut down the remote end and left to Radio end up and running.  On the following Wednesday night I powered up the Remote end and when it connected, the audio was being "chopped" into about 1 second "blocks" that made it unuseable.

Any I deas on what would cause this??

It is on my local wifi network, as it is NOT useable off site.


Title: Re: "Choppy Audio"
Post by: sm2o on 2021-10-08, 16:54:34
Try with Wired Ethernet probably interference on the wifi connection or a AP which is testing other modes