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Title: RRC audio input impedance/levels
Post by: tf3t on 2022-01-21, 21:43:02

So, everything works great, I have my K3-twin setup and using a Inrad-W1 headset connected to the RRC

but, what I would like to do, for various reason is connecting the headset / mic to an audio mixer and the output of the mixer to the RRC. Main reason is actually do be able to record the mic for live streaming etc, so I actually don't have to connect the mic to the mixer, just get the audio into the mixer - Y cables are not the way to go.

Normally these mixers have just line level outputs (low 100-400 ohms I think). I have not been able to get this working to a satisfactory level, I either get hum / distortion/clipping etc.

So, the input of the RRC, what is the input impedance ?
Any pointers how this can be done correctly

73 de TF3T
Title: Re: RRC audio input impedance/levels
Post by: sm2o on 2022-01-25, 17:12:32
The mic input is designed to connect a mic direkt to the input, so it's very sensitive  about 10K input impedance. You can try to switch off the codec input preamp on the the Radio settings page and also adjust the codec input gain. See manual for details

73 de mike

Title: Re: RRC audio input impedance/levels
Post by: W1UE on 2022-01-26, 11:56:52
I had the same issue with the Remote Rigs.  I built a 20dB audio attenuator designed for 600 ohms input/output impedance, and put it between the audio output of the soundcard and the input to the Remote Rig.  While I originally did it to operate Digital modes, it should work on this also.  That reduced the audio output to a level that the RR units could handle.