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Title: Two control panels simultaneously with TS-480
Post by: kb9bpf on 2011-05-18, 02:18:19
Yesterday evening I connected two control panels to my TS-480 at the same time using a B&B Electronics 232PTC serial port combiner and a simple TTL-RS232 level translator made with MAX232 chips. It works! (The schematic for the level translator including connections and cabling can be downloaded from the Yahoo! RemoteRig group's files.)

This means that it will work if one of the control heads is connected through the RemoteRig system. Now I can leave both the local control panel and RemoteRig connected without having to connect and disconnect them from the single 'Panel' jack on the radio.

It also means that the radio can be operated locally while someone else is operating it remotely.

One of the things that I find attractive about using the TS-2000 with RemoteRig is way the RC-2000 control panel integrates so nicely into the system. Now the TS-480 can have the same flexibility if one has the RC480-KIT which became available in early December 2010 through HRO in the USA and Difona in Germany (if I recall correctly). The RC-480KIT consists of a spare control panel, mounting hardware, and cabling.

I haven't tried it, but I am willing to bet that this concept can be adapted for use with a TM-D710/71A and RC-710 combo.

Title: Re: Two control panels simultaneously with TS-480
Post by: ON4AOI on 2011-05-18, 06:36:38
I don't understand why you make another forum for remoterig at yahoo to share your findings!
subscribing to it didn't work for me a couple of weeks ago because
I did not gave my name and call and what my interest was ? this responce I got in mail from you?
my login at yahoo is "guy_on4aoi" and after +100 posts here I think you know what my interest is
so if thats not enough then ...................

Guy ON4AOI   
Title: Re: Two control panels simultaneously with TS-480
Post by: ON4AOI on 2011-05-18, 06:59:40
Another easy solution is to use a switch or relay like below
Title: Re: Two control panels simultaneously with TS-480
Post by: kb9bpf on 2011-05-22, 04:51:21
Dear Guy, and everyone else,

This is the text of the group description page on the Yahoo! RemoteRig group which I started last fall:
"This group is primarily for users of the SM2O RemoteRig radio remote control system.
Developer's web site:

"There is also an excellent forum supported directly by the developer:

"Ours is a technically-oriented forum for the purpose of sharing radio remote control experience and techniques with others in the amateur radio community. While RemoteRig is the focus of the group, general amateur radio remote control discussion is also encouraged.

"The intent of this group is not to challenge the official forum, but rather to supplement it. This group can serve an important function in the radio remote control community through broad technical discussions which include not only RemoteRig but also the many other means of implementing radio remote control. Many of the techniques and experiences overlap with each other and probably this is a more appropriate venue for those discussions than on the forum.

"When applying for membership, please:
- state your name and amateur call sign, and
- why you are interested in joining.
Failure to do so will result in rejection of your request."

I hope it is obvious to all that my intent is only to compliment this official forum by providing an outlet for discussion which may range beyond what is welcome or appropriate here.

As far as my criteria for acceptance or rejection of membership, that is my decision to make, and I choose to err on the conservative side. I do not wish to make it easy for someone to bootleg a legitimate account for the purposes of posting SPAM. You, and anyone else, are welcome to join my group if you are willing to abide by guidelines which it is my responsibility as group owner to set forth.

Regarding your simple switch solution to the problem of attaching two heads to the TS-480, that is certainly a workable solution. I prefer my own because there is no user intervention necessary once the initial connections are made. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that one could forget to switch your interface back to RemoteRig before leaving the shack after a session of local rig operation. This could pose a serious inconvenience if not discovered before attempting remote operation in a motel room a continent away. As I point out, mine also has the additional advantage of simultaneous local and remote use. Your simple switch will suffice for many, if not most, users. Mine is for those who yearn for a little more flexibility.

Owner, Yahoo! RemoteRig group
Title: Re: Two control panels simultaneously with TS-480
Post by: ON4AOI on 2011-05-22, 17:11:04
Ok Brad,
My simple solution with relay is switched on/off via a webswith
so it doesnt matter if I forget it when leaving in on at the radio site.
I need to start the webswitch for tuning my 80M vertical and if needed reset
attached hardware

Your solution is not bad at all if you can provide the PCB boards
for other users to.

Title: Re: Two control panels simultaneously with TS-480
Post by: kb9bpf on 2011-05-23, 03:07:51
Hi Guy,

The solution you use is a good one. I see it integrates well into your station.

In recent years many remote control methods have emerged. I have not played with all of them.

I do not have a Webswitch, although it's tempting to get one because it combines several functions into one unit.

Several years ago when I started down the road to remote control, upon recommendation of my friend Jim KJ9T,  I got a Data Logger (DLI) Web Power Switch which has served me well. I also own one of N8LP's LP-Remote boards, which provides for some analog telemetry and control besides in addition to the relays. Larry was one of the first I found to provide detailed step-by-step instructions for getting a remote controlled station running and is the basis for most of what I've done. 

With the DLI Web Power Switch I never got around to integrating the LP-Remote board into my station but Larry's influence can be readily observed in my use of TRX-Manager and Lantronix UDS- series Serial Device Servers.

Several years ago when I began this journey the only rotor control boards were by EA4TX, which is parallel port-based. Recently I learned about the serial port-based Easy Rotator Controller boards from Germany and purchased a pair of them. 

If anyone is interested in duplicating the RS232 level converter board I designed for use with the B&B Electronics 232PTC series serial port combiners and the TS-480, they should contact me directly for the ExpressPCB files. Breadboarding is also a viable option for this straightforward project. As mentioned previously, schematics can be downloaded from the Files section of the RemoteRig group on Yahoo! groups.

Title: Re: Two control panels simultaneously with TS-480
Post by: ON4AOI on 2011-05-23, 06:26:37
Hi Brad,
I know Pablo EA4TX for many years now , was one of the first beta-testers to remote control his boards
still have a few in use here.
The only unit I cant get to work via WAN is a lantronix UBOX-2100, it works perfect in my own LAN but
from remote location it doesn't. I even put it DMZ but no results, tried under XP-VISTA-WIN7 OS but never
got a connection, waiting for an answer from lantronix support now.