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Hi, anyone use the Palstar HF Auto Tuner with Palstar HF Auto-R (remote RS232 unit) 'over' remoterig?

HB9ODP Mattia

Hello, ok, not possible using the radio display on 'second client', but no way to listen on two side? Like a VoIP conference?

And finally found an acceptable solution

Set Program Mode 5 TS480 / TM-D710 on both side like user guide

In the RRC Control (Display side)
-> Radio Settings
-> Auto Connect = YES

The radio start up automatically, but then you can power ON / OFF with the button on display.

With program mode 17 - FTM350 on display side and program mode 5 -TM-D710 on radio / body site the V71 power UP but... every 4/5 sec there is a beep on RRC with ON/OFF orange led on MIC/AUX

It doesn't work in my case with Yaesu FT 8x7 config

Hello, anyone use the V71? My experience:

With D710 display the radio is working, with V71 display and cable wiring as D700 display the radio doesn't start up but....
If I power up the radio with D710 display, disconnect TTL cable and connect V71 display the radio is already on and it's working (this confirm that the connections are correct). Power off and then is no more possible to start newly.
So the problem is the 'power on command' on V71 display...

Changed COM-0 program mode to '3' on both rrc's, same...

Any idea?

Configuration, Webswitch 1216H / Re: Upgrade vs 1.7, How-to?
« on: 2014-02-08, 19:25:44 »
tnx Jan, worked fine.

Configuration, Webswitch 1216H / Upgrade vs 1.7, How-to?
« on: 2014-02-07, 17:01:38 »
Hello, I'm interested to upgrade the firmware to vs 4.0 of my old WEB Switch 1216H, but with the browser I have always this error (with IE / Firefox / Chrome):
Wrong file type, got 37, expected 36
Double checked and the firmware is for this unit. Redownloaded the file...

Checked also with vs 2.9, same...

So installed the setup manager 2.5 and used the USB cable; same as above... Invalid file content.

Serial nr of this unit: 1418

System info:
Company : Microbit
Product : 1216H Web Switch
Software: 1.7
Hardware: 1
Build   : Apr 22 2010 16:20:03
S/N     : 1418
PID     : 4

Thanks for any help :-)


Hello, any wiring diagram for connecting a Kenwood V71 / D710 to a RRC V1?
Mic wiring it's like a Kenwood TS480 (with reverse RJ45 numbering), but the display?


Software setting (baud rate etc)

On wiring diagram in RRC V2 I see 10V for the display... in RRC V1 8V, but maybe this is not a problem.

Thanks for any info / experience

Hi, it's possibile to use this front panel with a TS2000? Maybe it's a better choice with the VFO knob instead RC2000...

Ciao Franco, last year on CQ WW on remote side I have used N1MM with an old Kam (RS232); old but fantastic for decoding RTTY. You put your radio on RTTY mode (not SSB) with better filter and... RYRYRYRYRYRYRY. You can find some unit on ebay.
Unfortunately I have the old RRC, so only one RS232 port ;-(
With new version no problem, you have 2 com ports, one for CAT and one for KAM

Best 73's
HB9ODP Mattia

Hello, it's possible to read a string with an internal http page to know if the relais are ON or OFF?

General discussion forum / Re: USB port
« on: 2010-02-07, 20:32:38 »
Always unused for ham purpose (RRC V1)? Maybe is possible to bridge this port for RS232 data? Or it's possible to implement, with small hardware mods, a second RS232 port like new RRC V2?

I thinks the better solution is to have the remote display; this is the main purpose of RRC...
Sell your FT857 and buy a TS480.

Sai quanto י comodo girare il pomello del VFO... e poi il  TS-480 י 1000 volte meglio dell'857, specialmente in 40m ;-)
73 de HB9ODP Mattia

Hello Marcel, with my RRC I have another problem; from vs 1.44 to 2.06 I have a strange problem...
Now always when I power Up the radio, my VPN goes down, then when the VPN is newly up (automatically after some seconds) all works good.
Technology mysteries, Xfiles ;-)

Inspired from RRC v2 and tired of the double wire microphone / display (my was very delicate), I made an internal modification.
I used the rear DB9 connector for the display and the front AUX RJ45 for Kenwood original microphone.
Better solution.

Some detailed photos:

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