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I don't succeed in making to work with REMOTERIG and KENWOOD Ts480 the VGS-1 (voice keyer).
On  local system, directly, it perfectly works but if I try to make to work through remoterig, it doesn't work.  >:(
Oddly also the command NB I always have to press twice it to make to correctly work.  :(

Some idea?   ???

For a consideration is really an exceptional system!   :o :o :o :o :o
Tanks Franco, hb9oab

If I understand you correctly, I must replace my router to get this to work, since no port seems to work.

Hi Mitch,
If the system you have verified and

A. in local LAN all works (same LAN)
B. doesn't work anything in remote

1. NAT or firewall error in the routers
2. non compatible routers to the used protocols
3. ISP provider closes you some protocols

This however only if in local LAN all ok works without problem!

Franco, hb9oab

I have a similar problem to the one that Franco had. I also can't get the PTT to work remotely on the TS-480, otherwise all seems ok so far (I haven't tried CW yet). In my case, even VOX didn't work.
I tried several different SIP ports, but no difference. Maybe I didn't find the magic port that Franco is using  ;)
The remote is located in the DMZ, the ports are forwarded locally. All indicators are fine under the status page for both units.
Anyone have any tips?

HI Mitch
I have not resolved the problem of the PROC and VOX that work in strange way yet.
However work but don't work yet the TS480 keys CH1 CH2 CH3 & 1-2-3REc PLAY.
The SIP PORT I have had to modify it because I had another SIP system active on the LAN for my personal VOIP.
I have put NAT 5061 and everything has gone to place.

You could be also however the ROUTER that doesn't accept the SIP traffic over Hxxx system, If it is not a problem of port NAT you try to replace the router.
I perhaps hope that you find the solution.

Franco, hb9oab

Try to change 5060 to an other port

This test I have not done her yet, here in house use a direct system HandyTone.
I immediately try!

The problem was the SIP NAT from some part!
The PTT now works correctly.
Tanks for the tips as SIP port!

Only the cmd PROC KEY ON/OFF it still has the problem that works only after having pressed another cmd and that the vox now doesn't correctly work.

 could  be a problem of other NAT? but here I don't have other I don't have other configurations...
Franco hb9oab

Try to change 5060 to an other port

This test I have not done her yet, here in house use a direct system HandyTone.
I immediately try!


I am sure that your port forwarding don't work well

HI Gordan
tanks reply!

The problem has probably to be another.
Up to yesterday all it perfectly worked with >10 NATs with the PC routed to server.
The PORT are correctly addressed.
The router is a recent NETGEAR DG834G
In Local both forehand that through SWITCH it works without problem then is in WAN/ROUTER?

In remote I have two problems one serious and the other normal:
1. The PTT MIC doesn't work and I uses the VOX: with the PTTMIC it goes to voice TX with VOX.
==> then TX RADIO VOICE &&& TRANSFER working perfectly

2. The CMD PROC doesn't correctly work: when I press it ON/OFF only after I press an any other CMD makes the PROCON/OFF

Very strange but can thing be?
why with the VOX the TX it doesn't work with only the voice but only pressing the MIC PTT+voice to go to TX and then TX work??

I should have another TS480 on another consumer to see if the problem is here from remote or local router or on the RCC WAN?

Franco, hb9oab

i am use a TS480 RCC MKII     ;)

On local LAN work fine without problem but if i use on remote, all work fine but the PTT on MIC do not work.

When I press the microphone PTT in Local LAN I normally go to transmission without problem.
When I am in remote if I press the PTT on the MIC it doesn't go to transmission.
The audio extinguishes him but it doesn't go to TX MIC and it doesn't ignite the red TX LED on transceiver and on the Smeter is alway on RX.

==> in Local it perfectly works.  ???  ???  ???

In remote work all without problem but not the MIC TX!
The LAN NAT is ALL to !!!
The firewall is open...
the RX and all command work perfectly...

The whole rest perfectly works, audio, TX CW, only the PTT of the MIC doesn't work if I am in remote.

I have shaped the router NATs and the net... it seems all ok:
Thing there and' of wrong?  >:(

3  Any(ALL) ALLOW always Any Always


 4  RRC-web ALLOW always Any Always
 5  RRC-sip ALLOW always Any Always
 6  RRC-audio ALLOW always Any Always
 7  RRC-cmd ALLOW always Any Always

or the 2 at same time...
same problem... NO PTT TX

Fw release as MKII is the last 2.09!!

Please HELP!

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