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General discussion forum / Re: K3 CAT and PTT at remote site
« on: 2022-09-05, 18:50:00 »
I now have been successful in setting up local CAT control of my K3 at the remote station.  I am using an Elecraft KXUSB cable from COM1 on the RR1258 Remote to the PC.  A virtual COM port 10 is created. I am using that port for local rig control and PTT using WSJT-X while I am at my remote. 

Com 1 set Mode 7 in Serial Settings.  For audio I am using a Behringer UMC202HD interface cabled to the K3 LINE IN/OUT jacks.

The only issue I have is a "slow" PTT.  The delay in making PTT is very noticeable but does not interfer with the decoding process.  My PC is ancient running Win 7.  There is a lot going on I guess with the inception on PTT from WSJT-X and the KXUSB Port and then the radio. 

I am wondering about the 1258 OUT0/1/2 settings currently:   CONNECT/BAUDOT RTTY45/ KEYER respectively.  I have tried changing OUT0 to PTT but it does not "take" when applied. 

Is there a solution for the lazy PTT?

General discussion forum / Re: K3 CAT and PTT at remote site
« on: 2022-08-08, 10:58:44 »
OK Tnx for the reply.  COM 1 is already set to Mode 7.  I will connect a cable from COM1 to the PC next trip to remote.
Serial settings
COM1 mode   
Mode-7, CAT to COM2 (local&remote)
COM1 baudrate   
COM1 data bits   
COM1 stop bits   
COM1 parity   
0 - Off
COM1 rts/cts   
COM1 terminator (hex)   

RE your  second point:
"PTT can be connected in paralell with RRC PTT oout which is Open Collector"
Pls claify what is meant ...Do you mean in IOSettings to set like this:

IO settings
OUT0 mode   =PTT
OUT0 on/off       =ON   

General discussion forum / K3 CAT and PTT at remote site
« on: 2022-08-07, 22:20:48 »
When visiting my K3 remote site i want to operate 6M FT8 using the site Win 7 PC.   I can use the
Line in/out jacks on the K3 for audio but how to do CAT and PTT?

The COM 2 jack on the  RRC remote is occupied by the rs232 cable from the radio and i dont want to interfer with the cabling for the normal remote operation.  The COM 1 jack on the RR remote box is not in use.  Is there a way to use it to establish local CAT when i am at the remote site?

I cant figure it out reading the manual.

Frank VO1HP

I am in Canada ...there is no dealer listed .   Can I buy 1216H and 1216L direct from Remote rig??

73 VO1HP

I have three temperature sensors on WS Bus B.  They have stopped working.  No temperatures being shown on the web page.

What to look for ?...any help?

Frank VO1HP

General / Re: NANO Elecraft 1.6.2
« on: 2021-10-26, 01:10:54 »
Just discovered my error.  When I entered the new IP address I also appended the PORT (i.e. ) for the Remote box.  That PORT is forwarded in the remote router to the LAN IP address of the RR Box.  As a test I removed thet  ":364" and i connected immediately.  How come??   I thought a had to forward to the PORT for the RR Box IP?
Can someone clarify?

FR\rank VO1HP

General / NANO Elecraft 1.6.2
« on: 2021-10-26, 00:43:37 »
I have not used the Elecraft NANO App on my Android phone for a while.  Trying it today but cannot login.  There is a new IP Address which I am using.  The App doesn't do anything when I press CONNECT and after a few minutes displays TIMEOUT  Could the Lic.ID have expired?

Frank VO1HP

Visiting the site today discovered that the 3A fuse in the rotator control box had failed.  Rotor back on line now and appears to be working  normally .  Except I did discover that in NORTH position some teeth must be gone from gear(s).   Had to move the antenna manually while on  the tower to get it off that spot.

Still don't see any DEVICES when a scan is done of BUS A.  Must be normal not to see the 1216L on this scan even though it is working normally.

Frank VO1HP

I am having trouble with a new install of Webswitch and 1216L.  I installed it about a month ago and has been working  fine right from start until this morning.
Yesterday we were hit with very high winds in excess of 110kmph. There were some power "bumps" in the remote site area during the wind storm.

This morning the yagi will not turn.  I could see on the Rotator page some movement off the resting position NORTH when I ask for the antenna to point EAST or WEST.  The Rotator indicator was resting at NORTH which is the direction of the antenna.  However during one of my attempts to turn the yagi the Rotator on screen indicator jumped to 162 degrees as I was looking at it.  That is where it is resting now.

When I scan for 1-wire devices the Webswitch reports that no devices are connected to BUS A.
--1-wire devices
--No BUS-A 1-wire devices found!

However I can see the 1216L in the SYSTEM INFO Pge of the Webswitch seen below.  Is this what I should be seeing or  is there and inconsistency.?
-Company   Microbit
-Product   1216H WebSwitch
-Model   HAM
-Software   4.23
-Hardware   2
-Bootloader   1.10
-Build   Nov 3 2015 09:01:45
-1216L   HW >= 5, FW 5
-S/N   2975
-PID   4
-Uptime   0 Days, 1 Hours, 30 Mins, 8 Secs
-RFC2217   Disabled due to rotator in use

Has the 1216L been disconnected from the Webswitch?  -or- has it gone defective? --Is that why the scan shows no devices and the rotator indicator  indicator jumped to 162 as I was looking at it.?  In the past when I have turned off the WebSwitch power supply the Rotator indicator has gone to approximately this position.  The power is on for both the Webswitch and the Rotator box but there is absolutely no sign that the rotator is trying to turn the antenna.

Can anyone shed any light on what I am seeing?....will be travelling to the site tomorrow for a first hand look.

Frank VO1HP

I was just trying to clarify my understanding.  What I meant was this:  I would need to create a new file of pictures for every five degrees of rotation.  I would need to create these pictures using a graphics program or actually take a picture of the rotator scale.  Either way the pictures must be the same size as  the pictures in the existing file.  Each picture there is 150x150.

With that limitation a scale that is a semi circle or an arc is no good because it would be very small compared to the existing 150x150 picrures.

I'll forget about it and use the default file.

73 Frank VO1HP

I have three temperature sensors collecting Temp data at my remote site.  All working successfully running in parallel on BUS B in parasitic power mode.  Does web switch store in memory any on the data points collected?  Is it possible to collect data points automatically for future offline display on a time graph?

Frank VO1HP

Thanks an image file containing photos every 5 degrees located on a server in the remote site or elsewhere.?

I am successfully using WebSwitch 1216H and RCU 1216L to control my Ham IV rotator.  I especially like the PRESETS ...very convenient!     

Question:   Is it possible to have Ham IV scale pictures implemented in the WebSwitch web page to replace the circular scale that is currently available?

Frank VO1HP

General discussion forum / Re: WebSwitch 1216H Initial Setup
« on: 2018-10-04, 00:15:30 »
Thanks Mitch...Each reply you give me is appreciated but also causes me to want to know more!....I have played with the webswitch serial port and have it setup on my control point PC.   When I move the switch to my remote location how do I use the serial port remotely?...In order to set the serial port up at the remote it needs to be plugged into USB port and will appear in the device manager on the remote PC.   But then what? can I control it from home?

Is there an application note available anywhere that can guide me through the serial port use?

My primary objective here is not really the serial port ... it is control of the rotator  and possibly switch one coaxial relay to provide for a 4th antenna port in addition to the three I have available from the KAT500.   I can see how to do both of these functions using the web browser pages.

Frank VO1HP

General discussion forum / Re: WebSwitch 1216H Initial Setup
« on: 2018-09-30, 17:29:33 »
Thanks Mitch...Just discovered the built in help pages in the web switch browser page(upper right corner)....these pages have clarified  a few things for me.  I didn't realize before that the web switch has the ability to change antenna relays based on freq of operation of the rig.   It has a built in serial port through the USB connector I guess.  Couldn't discover yet the details yet of how to set it up

Thanks for your help

Frank VO1HP

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