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Attached is a network trace of the failed startup.  Hope this helps someone.

I need some help getting a Kenwood TM-V71A to work with the RRC-1258II for my local ARES group.  Both of these are newly purchased so they are the lastest versions/firmwares that are available.

I used the configuration for the Kenwood D700 cabling.  This specifies using mode=8 (TS-2000/TM-D700).  I did this, and nothing happens when I hit the power switch.

I checked with the TM-V71A Service manual, and everything seems right.  I also tested all my cabling.  No crossed/shorted wires.

I found the following forum post:;topicseen#msg4028
This indicates: "Does not work with the kenwood mode, but use program mode 3, Yaesu 8x7."  I followed this advice.  Now, I get the option to 'Connect' in the status screen of the web page.  After I connect it, and hit the power button on the control head, I get the radio's power-on tones on the speaker connected to the 'Control' side of the RRC.  Unfortunately, the display does NOT turn on, and then a few seconds later there is a click on the speaker.  After that, I can hit the power again and the same process repeats (poweron tone, no display, click).

Everything I've read says this configuration should work.  There are numerous posts on other forums that the radio body is the exact same between the D700 and V71A.  Others say the heads are interchangable (the D700 TNC functionality is not available with a V71A head).

I am getting desperate to make this work, so any help or suggestions would be helpful.  I've got a network sniffer set up, and will be hooking up an RS232 analyzer if any of that information could help resolve the issue.

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