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I have purchased a preowned set of RRC1258 units that were factory strapped by Flex.  I notice on the Control unit there is a small resistor on the mic bias strap instead of a straight strap and also the J2 Jumper was set to open (9V) instead of the common 8 V position.

I want to use them strapped as Yaesu FT2000 so it will work with the Electric mic I will be using for the Flex 6600.  I changed J2 to provide the 8V mic bias vltg to be provided by the RRC unit.   Should I be using the resistor also or just strap the mic bias as shown in the RRC manual for the FT2000.

Also,  I am "assuming" that the FT2000 is the correct use for  also using cw and mic only to drive the Flex 6600.  No other use for the RRC boxes is intended.
Thanks for any help
Lar  K1UO

are you starting with http://   and then your IP:8080?  If not using http:// XXX.XXX.X.XXX:8080 your local pc is only searching locally and not over the WAN.

Hi Ed,  I would post this with the DXLab Yahoo group.   The Group is very responsive to questions.  You might confirm what radio you are trying to use your application with also.
Good luck
Larry  K1UO

General discussion forum / Re: I-Pad App
« on: 2016-08-23, 17:52:55 »
Got it...  works awesome.  I can now select BOG antenna directions and turn my Flex 6XXX on/off via the I-Pad app.  The radio and antenna site is remote from my Home.


General discussion forum / I-Pad App
« on: 2016-08-22, 17:32:42 »
What is the name and cost of the Apple APP that I need for controlling my Webswitch1216H  HAM Relays via my I-Pad?   I need to be able to turn my remote located Flex6700 on/off from the Ipad as I now do via my home PC.

Larry K1UO

Yes Mitch.  I mean having the Webswitch at a Remote location and having 2 different locations log in for antenna relay direction control via the IP and forwarded port at the remote.

General discussion forum / PC Icon for the Webswitch?
« on: 2016-02-08, 00:22:56 »
This may be a stupid question but is there an PC Icon available for the Desktop that  when clicked on be made to connect to, for example, a remote Webswitch 1216H (for antenna direction control) without having to bring up the Browser and type in the remote IP address and port assigned to the wenswitch 1216H each time?  I guess an Icon on the PC desktop screen that can activate the appropriate script to steer it to the remote located Webswitch?  I have no idea if this can be done or how to do it.

Is it possible for 2 clients to access the webswitch at the same time from different locations and control the relay switching?

General discussion forum / Re: K3 Remote No SSB Power Out
« on: 2016-01-18, 21:22:28 »
Frank..  The settings that you had in the RRC1258 appear to be from the settings provided by Elecraft in their K3/0 Mini manual.   Those settings had Codec Inp attenuation set to YES along with CODEC Out =250, CODEC Inp Gain =32, and CODEC Inp Preamp = 163.
Regards, Larry  K1UO

That's great news Mike..  Looking forward to see your results.

Larry  K1UO

Got it and thanks for the instruction sheet..Had not seen that before.  Should be good to go now.

Larry  K1UO

Does anyone know which pins to connect up on RRC COM1 port to use with the SPE2K.   Is it 2,3 and 5 or 7,8 and 5?    It looks like SPE uses 7,8,5 on their end for Remote control.    Chances are it is 7,8 and 5 but not 100% sure.

Larry  K1UO

Does Microbit have a web based solution for monitoring / controlling the SPE 1.3K or SPE 2Kfa amplifiers .
Larry  K1UO

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Configuring for JT Modes
« on: 2015-06-15, 17:57:39 »
Thanks Mark..  Problem found.....  "missing" mic audio cable from PC..DUH!  another senior moment.    Ordered new one but do I really need to go thru an attenuator to the K3/mini?  If so what should I use?   

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Configuring for JT Modes
« on: 2015-06-14, 00:50:19 »
Hmmmm...  possibly I need to also "split" the mic jack on the K3/mini and feed that back to the PC line out of the audio card.  right now I have the Yamaha500 Headset also plugged into the K3/0 Mini speaker and mic jacks.  Yet I have only split the speaker jack and not the mic jack also.  That sort of explains why I can hear the JT-X tones locally and key the Rigs ok but no audio drive.    Now to find more cables......

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