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General discussion / Re: ARCP-2000 Broke with 1.5.3
« on: 2012-05-18, 10:20:44 »
Work in progress, Roland tested and will look further into the problem.

de LB9GE

General discussion / Re: ARCP-2000 Broke with 1.5.3
« on: 2012-05-14, 18:05:03 »
PM sent to Roland for TS-2000 to test

73 de LB9GE Trond

General discussion / ARCP-2000 Broke with 1.5.3
« on: 2012-05-13, 20:58:35 »
Hi. I just installed the 1.5.3, and i could not get ARCP-2000 to work anymore. The connect button in ARCP blinke once, but give up and cant connect. should be steady lit. I then rolled back and installed 1.5.2, and it worked again.

73 de LB9GE Trond

I've experienced similar things with IE9. Often it helps to clear the IE cache("Safety, delete browser history - All").
But since i am a fan of the Opera browser, i use the opera browser instead, and have never experienced this problem with Opera.

General discussion forum / Re: RC 2000 - 0,1KHz step
« on: 2011-12-16, 19:01:55 »
It is not possible to change :-(

General discussion forum / Re: RC-2000
« on: 2011-11-27, 11:02:46 »
The TM-D700 radio came out in 3 revisions.
The last one was G2.0 as far as i can remember.
The G2.0 front panel will work with the TS-2000 radio.
G2.0 is marked in the radio close to the serial number.

73 de
LB9GE Trond

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: RRC-1258 with RRC-1258mkII
« on: 2011-11-04, 22:57:31 »
Yes, no problem.
I have a "mk1" where my TS-480 radio is and a mkII in the "control centre".
And i also have a mkII where my TS-2000 is and "mk1" in the "control centre".

Just happened so that i could not find the right cables when i rebuilt my setup:-)

Just make sure you have the same firmware version on both.

LB9GE Trond

I sent you an e-mail.


Allmänt diskussionsforum / Re: DÅRLIG AUDIO KVALITET
« on: 2011-02-20, 11:22:21 »
Ok, sp ingen tekniske endringer etter flyttingen altså.Da er det nok evt. å kontrollere de tingene du selv nevner som gjelder først:-)


Hi again Ziv.

The next thing you should do is to test if you have contact with the radio side. Try to browse(radioside.png) to it by typing in your browser.
If you have contact it is ok.

The next thing is to browse(controlside1.png) to your control side. maybe it still is on your router).
Here you need to specify where the controlside shall find the radioside by telling what ipaddr to connect to.
That is in the "radio settings" SIP contact(controlside2.png).

Now if the rest is correct you should be able to control your TS-480.

Ps. dont mind my ipaddr is different from yours, because i have several RRC's.
And, yes i have skype, but i will not leave it on the forum.


Hi. Try to change the SIP from 5060 to 5061. Remember to correct this in both RRC's and eventually your remote firewall.


Allmänt diskussionsforum / Re: DÅRLIG AUDIO KVALITET
« on: 2011-02-19, 12:59:51 »
Hva slags utstyr har du tilkoblet i begge endene da?


Hi. I think you have not changed the ip addr. at the radio side?
The default on the radio side is but your internal ip range is 192.168.1.???. The difference is the third number, wich is in the radio side and it must, in your case, be

The pic. you show in here is from the control side.

Check this and get back :-)


Had the same issue, but that was happening on an other device also. So it seems that it was only dyndns that had a problem those days because of some internal changes at dyndns.
I only powerd off and on the devices.

73 de LB9GE

General discussion forum / Re: TS-B2000
« on: 2010-03-27, 21:59:25 »
HI. I also see this from time to time with my standard TS-2K and RRC-v1. But it seems to be depending on the "line" and traffic conditions on the internet connection used. I have noticed that holding the power on/of button a half second is enough, and the radio and panel switch off after some seconds. Other times it's instant. The delay is especially frequent when running via 3G(shared internet trough laptop), and just some times when running via wireless 2,4 GHz router set up as a client/bridge.
There are seldom delay when connected directly via the router's LAN cable.
But when i was in the middle east earlier this year i had this all the time. But it always turned on or off after a few seconds anyway. So i've concluded that it is just the way it is:-)

73 de
LB9GE Trond

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