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I have the same router and it is set up exactly that way. Most of the time everything works but not consistently.

General / A solid Nano app is worth $200 to me
« on: 2016-05-08, 13:31:49 »
I have Remoterig running with my TS-2000 and RC-2000 and am enjoying it. There have been few bugs. Now the challenge is to get a good working mobile device app running in that system. All of that running well would be worth more, I think, than the company charges for it. As a manufacturer of electronic devices that connect through IP I realize the complexity and changing nature of it all, but I want to encourage Microbit to concentrate in this area, as I feel it could be so worthwhile. And I am willing to pay for it.

What say, others? I'd happily crowdfund a development effort.

A place to start might be a database of devices that are OK with the app at present - I have not found one but if there is such a thing I'd like to know if my Note 2 is in it.

73 de w1xyz

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