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Hi all.
I understand the Elecraft KPA1500 can be controlled via COM port,
USB or Ethernet (LAN) - many options - and a KPA1500 Remote software
is provided by Elecraft.

My questions are:
1) Is it possible to remotely control a Elecraft KPA1500 amplifier
across the internet with a Remoterig RRC-1258 (K3 Twin configuration) and
the KPA1500 connected to the router (with an Ethernet cable), i.e. without any
computer at the remote site ?

2) Is it possible to control the KPA1500 via a COM port on the RRC-1258 K3 Twin
(or on another Remoterig device at the remote site) ?

I would like to avoid a PC at the remote site, if possible, and just use
the Remoterig RRC-1258 + K3 (+ other Remoterig hardware if required)
to remotely control a K3 + KPA1500 (+ antenna switch).

In other words, only the control site would have a PC and run an instance
of the KPA1500 Remote software, which should control the amplifier
via remote IP interface or remote COM port (options n. 1 or 2 above).
Anyone knows if this may work ?

I read the KPA1500 Remote documentation, but
it is not completely clear to me the following statement:

"Although not recommended for security reasons, an amplifier IP outside the LAN is permitted to directly connect to the KPA1500. Port 1500 needs to be opened and forwarded for TCP and UDP on the LAN the amplifier is on."

Thanks for any advice or clarification.


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