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General discussion forum / IC-901???
« on: 2022-12-24, 00:07:50 »
I just finished setting up an Icom 2820 and Iím wondering if anyone has attempted the same configuration with an IC-901? I have one with the full complement of band modules that would be cool to set up as a remote.


Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: CI-V on Icom 746Pro
« on: 2022-11-02, 23:02:15 »
Did you resolve this? I'm having issues with a 746

General discussion forum / Head & Mic cable length?
« on: 2011-01-21, 18:20:04 »
Anyone experemented with running long CAT5 cables between the Head/Mic and the control box? I am building a new house and I am considering putting a control box with a patch panel in the structured wiring panel and wall plates in a 2 or 3 locations around the house (where I have already run pairs of CAT5 - in some cases 2 pair) - office, hobby room, etc. Then I would just move the control head and the mic around to different locations as wanted.

The B2000 doesn't make sense when currently it is only $10 less at HRO then TS-2000. There will be times at the remote site when you want to transmit for testing and if you don't have the panel... also, if the day comes when you want to sell it you would have a harder time selling the B then a standard unit.

I was using USB. At Mikael's suggestion I used the webserver and all is fine and I am on the air.


Updated rig unit no problem (dual RX units). Cannot update control unit. Progress bar goes to between 2 and maybe 6 segments and then times out with an error message unable to update firmware. Tried second unit - same result. Tried earlier versions of firmware - no luck. Tried one version earlier setup manager, still no luck. I am at a loss...

XP home SP3 Intel P4 2.8gHz - a bit short on RAM @ 512k

I'll try another machine tomorrow

General discussion forum / Re: Feature Request: Profiles
« on: 2010-11-24, 20:50:36 »
Maybe a future version of the control unit could have storage for say 6 - 10 radio profiles that could be selected using scroll buttons and a small 6 - 8 character display.

General discussion forum / Transparent Mode?
« on: 2010-11-24, 20:32:10 »
There doesn't seem to be any documentation. Is there a PTT signal from a mic plugged into the remote box at the radio box? Any additional singaling available in either direction?

Thanks Mike for the reply. ...

Also, can the muted transmit audio be unmuted?  Again, I understand the small latency problem, but in order to adjust the audio parameters from the control site, delayed audio is much, much better than no audio.  Of course this is only for adjustment and testing purposes as the monitor function can easily be turned off from the control head of the 480.

Thank you for your help,
73, Rick N6CR

Monitor is also needed if you are using any kind of a digital voice keyer on SSB. I would also like to hear the cw sidetone of the radio. I do both now with Skype and that is not a problem. Like rick says - if it is - I turn it off.


That is correct, George, but I was told that this was not public information yet.

Availability is in another couple of months.

Mitch DJ0QN

I have a hunch that "George" had the authority to make it public.

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