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General discussion forum / RRC-Micro PC-Client 1274B
« on: 2019-11-14, 08:33:23 »
Hi All,

Before I order a RRC-Micro PC-Client 1274B, is there anyone that have this one and not use it anymore. I would be interested to purchase it. I need the B model since that one I can do CW via AUX port.

73 Rune LA7THA

General discussion forum / Re: Remote RRC rebooting
« on: 2019-10-28, 07:59:18 »

I try using WIFI on remote end but problem is the same. I guess this iron out Ethernet issues. I just discover that this also happen even if I am not connected RRC Client > RRC remote.

73 Rune

General discussion forum / Re: Remote RRC rebooting
« on: 2019-10-27, 08:02:40 »
Hi Mitch,

Thanks for reply, the ping is off.

73 Rune

General discussion forum / Remote RRC rebooting
« on: 2019-10-27, 05:15:43 »

I have a problem that my remote RRC (by the radio) is self rebooting. up time is typical 8-10 min then it does a self reboot and reconnect.
Was using software 2.91 then I upgrade to 2.95 but problem is still the same. The WD reset show 10 after each reboot.  The client RRC is running fine. I am using RCC 1258 MK2, sny suggestions please

73 Rune LA7THA   

Hi All,

I am not able to get sound from my 1274A "usb dongle" using PC micro client software.

1. I am using a set of MK2 and that work ok via remote, this means that the ports in router etc should be ok.

2. When i try to use the  Microbit 1274A usb dongle i get connect but audio is not transfered.

3. I have attached a bug report.

4. I have reinstall the Client software on two computers but still the same issue.

anyone that have seen this or undertsand the bug report.

73 Rune LA7THA


Any further toughts around this :-)

"The idea is to make a local server in the RRC which answer the other boxes with latest known frequency without asking the radio all the time. It may come, but I can't say when"


Hi Mike

"The idea is to make a local server in the RRC which answer the other boxes with latest known frequency without asking the radio all the time. It may come, but I can't say when"

That is clever, I can hope and pray then :-)


73 Rune LA7THA

Hi Remoterig

Any answer to my quastion abow ?.

When i say web switch i mean the RC-1216H used with the Acom. Sorry for any confusion.

RC-1216H follow the antenna switch via IP.

73 Rune LA7THA

General / Re: Nano on Google play
« on: 2015-08-10, 17:33:46 »
Hi Ronald

Sent you an email with all info you need to connect.

73 Rune

General / Re: Nano on Google play
« on: 2015-08-05, 14:53:47 »
Further update
Today (5th of august) I found “new version” of Nano service on Google play. Uninstall all from yesterday and reinstall “new version”. Now, it seems that this “version” has comp ability to my Samsung S6 and latest android version. Still problem to connect however, if I have just used the RRC Micro then quickly try to connect using RRC Nano I could get it going with sound and everything for about 5 seconds then the application crash on my mobile.  I tested connection to home (on vacation now) using RRC micro and it all work fine. I was tinkering and wonder if I have problem with my broadband connection but seems that is not the issue. Seems I still have two “problems” one is the connection and when or if I get connection the Nano application crash. Is there other users that successfully using this with Samsung S6 ?

73 Rune LA7THA 

General / Nano on Google play
« on: 2015-08-04, 22:16:19 »
Hi Remoterig team

I uninstall everything today and then try to install "new version" on Google play. I search for Nano service but there is a message that says:
Your device is not compatible with this version. I am running samsung S6, when i go to "about your device" it says, Android 5.1.1 core version 3.10.61-5447113

From Google play i could see that this version was release today

73 Rune LA7THA

General / Re: Nano on Play store
« on: 2015-07-28, 13:07:40 »
Hi all,

Downloaded and installed as instructed and one step closer. I actually now get SIP and contact with the radio but soon after connection  the APP stop or crash.
Seems this is an different issue.

73 Rune LA7THA

General / Re: Nano on Play store
« on: 2015-07-27, 15:48:47 »
Hi Mike,

Thanks, will try later today.

73, Rune

General / Re: Nano on Play store
« on: 2015-07-24, 18:41:57 »
Hi Mike

I try to download on my new Samsung S6. I have to allow installation from "unsecure" location to be installed
Then it start to install APP but when done I cant find any ICON anywhere to start the application and I don't find it under installed APP.
I don't know what is the problem, if I go to Playstore and download old version all is ok but except it wont start the APP.

73 Rune LA7THA

General / Nano on Play store
« on: 2015-07-24, 14:51:40 »
HI All,

Is the version available on Playstore with the new Sip stack. should work with I.e. Samsung S6

73 Rune LA7THA

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