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Hello all,

last weekend I updated all my remoterig components with the newest firmware. Works fine, only trouble with RC-1216h 2.8v  to 4.16v. I lost the connetion between SteppIR Controler and SDA 100. Missed seriall settings: "No settings available for this device".  Downgrade to 2.8 and try higher version step by step, find serial settings only until Firmware version 4.0.
Need higher version no serial settings ?
At the moment RC-1216h with SteppIR works fine with V4.0 ...

73 de DJ3NG 


Hi all,

Yaesu Twin with two FT-950 works fine with one exception: If I change in search mode to quickly the frequency, the remoted radio turns off. When I turn on und off after a few seconds the control radio, all works fine again. The same happens with PC-Client and Software like HRD or PCC-950. The speed of the serial port is 38.400 Bd, I have tested 19200, 9600, 4800 - with the same result. Any idea ?

73 de Sigi,DJ3NG   

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