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Hardware, Cabling, Installations / kx3
« on: 2015-12-06, 19:21:30 »
I would like to remote my kx3 . . . . only.  In searching the forum, it seems the only interest is in using a kx3 to control a k3.  It seems to me that the kx3 is a nice rig in its own right, not simply a sidekick to the k3.  The manual seems to address only the k3.  The kx has different mic cabling using plugs instead of a cat5.  Is the mic cable the only difference?  Anyone with experience remoting a kx3 for no other purpose then to use it?  Tom W2CRN  (my old call is w6eij)   

General discussion forum / kx3 remoting kx3
« on: 2013-06-20, 19:04:16 »
It looks like the 100 watt amp for the KX3 may be shipping in August, making the KX3 more desirable to remote.  Can a KX3 be used with Remoterig v.6 to run another KX3?  The manual only has information about the K3.

Is there any way to enter not just the password but also the username?  It seems hotels need both entries before one can log-in.

I have the wifi board installed, on an RRC-1258 MkII, V6, and at times I'm unable to connect to the network via cable.  Once again this has happened, motivating this post.  This morning I was unable to turn on the TS-480.  Could not see the remoterig unit in the list of attached devices for my router.  Tried to connect via wifi, same problem.  Of course Microbit software, Net Info tab was blank.  I reset router.  Still nothing.  Finally, I opened the remoterig box, removed and replaced the wifi board.  Everything works, i.e., apparently a loose wifi board affects not only the wifi, but also disables network cable access as well.  This last happened when I was on vacation, and I did not have a wrench to open the remoterig case (when I got home discovered this).  Fortunately, I was able to use the KX3 and Buddipole so it was not a loss.

What happened this morning is suprising, because the remoterig unit always sits on my desk, as opposed to being jostled around in a suitcase.  After the vacation, I thought about perhaps a small piece of sponge or something to keep pressure on the wifi board, but I don't think that would help.  That is because, when I say "loose," that is an assumption - I pressed the board, and it did not seem loose at all.  When I removed and replaced the board, theunit started working, so I assumed it was loose.  If it is loose, it is to such a small degree, maybe thousands of an inch, that in order to help, the board could not move at all.  For now, the remedy is to leave the com port screws loose enough to unscrew by hand.

I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this happen, and if so, any remedy?  Tom

I tried to install the header for the wifi board, but I am unclear about the term "apply much heat to pins 3 & 4 until the pinheader comes in position."  What does that mean? 

Do I heat pins 3 and 4 until I can push pins 3 & 4 through the solder into their respective holes?  If so, I tried that, and could not.  It seems like the black plastic webbing that holds the pins would melt.   

BTW, I have a 14 pin model.  All the other pins easily go into and though their respective holes.  So if I leave pins 3 & 4 just touching the solder pad for their respective holes, the top of the pins (where the wifi board plugs in) will not level, because all the other pins go through the holes, making them lower than pins 3 & 4 by the thickness of the circuit board. 

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / TS-480 will not turn-on
« on: 2012-11-22, 22:16:06 »
My TS-480 has been working great with a good internet connection.  In an environment where the internet connection was very slow, I experienced very poor audio.  I changed the RX Jitter Buffer size to 16, and the delay to 15, to see if that would smooth out the audio.  Instead, the radio will not turn-on.  Going back to the default it would turn on, albeit with very poor audio.  By poor, I mean the audio surges to the point the audio is unintelligible.  I tried the high jitter and delay settings later with a fast connection, and still I could not turn on the radio.

General discussion forum / TS-590 does not transmit
« on: 2012-10-24, 06:02:49 »
I had been using my Remoterig setup with a TS-480HX, and it works great.  I decided to try my TS-590, and use the Kenwood software.  I made the cables, but on the control end, I am using the function "Use USB Com Port as COM2," because I don't have a serial port on my computer.  On receive it works fine - everything works perfectly.  On transmit it is another matter - it does not work.  Oddly, when I try to use the internal antenna tuner, the rig hangs on transmit.  To get out of transmit, I have to turn the 590 off and back on again.  Leaving everything hooked up, I went out to the garage, pushed the "Tune" button, and the 590 worked fine manually. 

On the Remoterig units, when I changed from the TS-480 to the TS-590, I simply set up a new profile, and left all the settings the same except for the settings that were in the Remoterig manual, for "general Kenwood."  I wonder if there is something I'm missing.  Any thoughts? 

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Ports not Open
« on: 2012-08-20, 05:20:49 »
I've finished the split cables for the FT-857, and set up everything - but it did not work.    I've updated the firmware in both units, and they show up fine on my network. 
According to Remoterig's dynamic DNS service, everything is working fine there.  I followed the instructions and set up the radio side with DMZ, and the port forwarding as shown in the user manual.  I had both units plugged into the same router.  So, I took the remote to my office, to see if perhaps it truly had to be on the internet - at home I have both RCCs plugged into the same router.  Still nothing - when I hit the on button on the front panel, nothing.

I've rechecked the cables, going through every pin, then the hardware configuration - everything is correct (unless there is an error in the cable plans). 

Then, I tried PFPortChecker, which said none of the ports (listed on page 211 of the user manual) are open.  It may be the way I have my router configured - My internet provider is Time Warner cable, with a cable modem.  I have a LInksys RVS4000 Router, set up as a gateway (because apparently, the Time Warner device is a router).  The RVS4000 is setup as I've stated above.  Any thoughts?

I plan on using the FT-857 in the detachable control panel mode.  My question concernings the split cable construction: the Aux/Mic cable seems to show the mic line is shielded.  How does one contruct that?  It was my understanding that one would use CAT 5 cable.  Has anyone on the list constructed this cable and have pictures of the cable?  Thanks in advance. 

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