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I don't succeed in making to work with REMOTERIG and KENWOOD Ts480 the VGS-1 (voice keyer).
On  local system, directly, it perfectly works but if I try to make to work through remoterig, it doesn't work.  >:(
Oddly also the command NB I always have to press twice it to make to correctly work.  :(

Some idea?   ???

For a consideration is really an exceptional system!   :o :o :o :o :o
Tanks Franco, hb9oab

i am use a TS480 RCC MKII     ;)

On local LAN work fine without problem but if i use on remote, all work fine but the PTT on MIC do not work.

When I press the microphone PTT in Local LAN I normally go to transmission without problem.
When I am in remote if I press the PTT on the MIC it doesn't go to transmission.
The audio extinguishes him but it doesn't go to TX MIC and it doesn't ignite the red TX LED on transceiver and on the Smeter is alway on RX.

==> in Local it perfectly works.  ???  ???  ???

In remote work all without problem but not the MIC TX!
The LAN NAT is ALL to !!!
The firewall is open...
the RX and all command work perfectly...

The whole rest perfectly works, audio, TX CW, only the PTT of the MIC doesn't work if I am in remote.

I have shaped the router NATs and the net... it seems all ok:
Thing there and' of wrong?  >:(

3  Any(ALL) ALLOW always Any Always


 4  RRC-web ALLOW always Any Always
 5  RRC-sip ALLOW always Any Always
 6  RRC-audio ALLOW always Any Always
 7  RRC-cmd ALLOW always Any Always

or the 2 at same time...
same problem... NO PTT TX

Fw release as MKII is the last 2.09!!

Please HELP!

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