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General discussion / Remoterig 1274A - bought from a friend
« on: 2019-01-10, 12:24:08 »

I bought a RRC Micro Client 1274A from a friend, together with some other remoterig equipment.
What about the license for the RRC Micro Client? Do I have to buy a new one? If yes - how does it works?

73, Andreas, DL5CW


I got a new VDSL router (AVM Fritz!Box 7490) today. Now I have a problem switching ON the remote TS-480 from the Control Panel.
After pressing the ON button at the panel I hear only the "three tone". The LED on the LAN connector at the front side flickers.
Internet works. The RemoteRig Control Box is conecting. I can configure the Control Box via the Web Browser. No problem.
I can also use my Remoterig Android App and can control the Transceiver with it. I can switch ON the Remote Power Amplifier
and Rotator. No problem at all, but I can't switch on the TRX via the TS-480 panel.

Any help or idea?


Andy, DL5CW


I installed the Windows 10 update today. After that, my system got problems with the virtual
COM Port 4 (generated like described in the RC-1216H manual with the Microbit Setup Manager).

Windows 10 saw the COM4 as virtual port, but it doesn't work (in the Win 10 device manager you see
COM4 with an exclamation mark). So I can't use the original Expert Software - need for remote tuning the amplifier.

I was falling back to Windows 8.1 now and everything is fine again.

Is this only my problem? Or has anyone the same problem? Is this a Win 10 proplem or a problem of Microbit Setup Manager with Win 10?

73! Andy, DL5CW

General discussion forum / OM Power OM2500A with RC1216?
« on: 2015-04-13, 12:18:31 »

is there any solution now controling the OM Power OM2500A with the RC1216?
In the manual I can find EXPERT 1K, ACOM 2000 and ELECRAFT KPA500 only.


Andy, DL5CW

General / RRC Nano App with Kenwood Ts-480 and Expert 1k
« on: 2015-03-03, 11:14:05 »

is it possible to use the RRC Nano App with Kenwood TS-480 and Expert 1K?

The schematic of my setup you will find in the attachment.




just tried to reconfigure my Webswitch 1216H via USB. My Computer doesn't find the
Webswitch. In the Setup Manager I always read"Device disconnected".

Power Supply is ok, USB cable is ok and with a RC-1216H or the RRC 1258 MK II everything
is fine with my USB and the Setup Manager.

Is the Webswitch really defect? :-(

Or is there a special trick?


Andy, DL5CW

Hi all,

I have an EXPERT 1k FA since about two weeks. And I have problems with Transceiver CAT (Frequency Data to Logbook).

Who is using the same hardware configuration and it is works well?

I need / have: at control site TS-480 Paneel, Remoterig RRC-1258 MK II Control, Logbook LOGGER32

at TRX Site, TS-480 TRX, Remoterig RRC-MK II Radio, EXPERT 1kFA, Webswitch (doesnt play a role here)
RS232 from TS-480 is at the CAT1 Interface of the EXPERT (15 pin SubD), for Bandinformation. When I change
the band here at the paneel, the EXPERT change the band too, without an transmittin a DIT or whatever.

How I can get the Bandinformation (Frequency, Mode, clicking Cluster spots etc.) now also to my Logbook ? Do I need an Y-cable for COM or something else at the Radio site?

73! Andy, DL5CW


I - and some other friends using remote rig - made a software update to release 2.033 yesterday
(Control and Radio Side of course). Now we can't use the KEYER mode of the TS-480.
When we use CW with the internal keyer, we hear the CW tone in the monitor, but the
TRX don't switch to transmit mode. When we switch the KEYER in the RRC Control menue to NO
(it is straight key mode) and we use a external keyer (Winkeyer etc.) or Straight Key - everything
works fine. Also SSB with PTT switch works good.

Who knows the reason?

The VOX on the TS-480 is ON of course.

73! Andy, DL5CW

Hello everybody,

has anyone a solution/idea for using two seperate rotator
interfaces ( with two rotators
and one expert 1k-fa PA with the COM1 and COM2 interface
of RRC-1258MKII ?
I have two towers (one of them with 10m and 40m beam,
the other one with 20m and 15m beam).

Any help?

73! Andy, DL5CW

Hi all,

has anyone a solution for "clubstation" mode, using
two or more RRC-1258MKII at the control sites (with TS-480 panel)
and one RRC-1258MKII at the radio site?

How can I ensure, that only one remote operator can use the rig at the radio site?

Any idea?


Andy, DL5CW

General discussion forum / Webswitch 1216E - temp. sensor
« on: 2010-01-27, 09:47:19 »
how is (or where can I find) the pin configuration for both temperature sensors and
the analogue input ?


Andy, DL5CW

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