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For several months we have been running an IC706MKGII over RR very successful with Control in NC and Remote in NH.  Now we want to have the Control in NC as K3-Mini and Remote as up graded K3 (with new K3IOB and K3SYN3As). 

The procedure to change to a different radio is confusing.  We need some help. The two units are located hundreds of miles apart.
Here is what we assume we need to do:
1. Change to the strapping as shown on page 222 of the RRC-1258MKII both units are the same.
2.  We assume the Port forwarding will be the same as with the IC706.
3.We will communicate over the Internet so the configuration will be the same as it was with the IC706 formerly used.  Unfortunately that did not work for us.  Perhaps we made a mistake.  Is this step correct?
3.Once we get the internet connections between the RRC-1258MKII units,  we think the remaining tasks are those described in the K3-Mini manual "Operation through the RRC-1258MKII System".

Any suggestions or pitfalls?

Thanks for the help.
Glen K1GW

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