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After years of reliable operation linking my IC-706MKIIg control head (panel), my RRC1258 control unit stopped working. The radio panel screen is blank and I have no audio transfer in either direction. The control unit shows ERROR on the UDP command status line.

I have several systems based on the RRC1258 and have multiple links to the same radio unit (only one at a time of course). My other links work fine. At least one of them is on the exact same network with the exact same settings. My system consists of 4 Icom radio panels linked to one radio. So I have 4 RRC1258 control units linking to one RRC1258 radio unit. All other locations still work perfectly. I have the radio panels in two fixed locations, one in my car, and one in a battery operated "go box".

I swapped out the suspect RRC1258 control unit with a known good one and cloned the settings. The replacement works fine.

The suspect unit is linking fine: it can still turn on/off the radio through the PWK link and the CW keying link still functions so this failure of COM0 or UDP only is puzzling. No audio or data for the display unit.

This is not a network issue as other units (control heads) on the same network and a known good replacement work fine. I tried reflashing the firmware with no joy.

Is this unit repairable?


I have a new installation trying to use a RC2000 head to control a Kenwood TS-B2000. The radio, control head, and microphone works perfectly when together (no RCC's).

I have them connected via a pair of RRC-1258MKII's and everything works as it should except for the microphone connection. I've had CW on the air QSOs and it all works... until I plug in a microphone into the aux/mic jack of the Control RRC. I have double and triple checked the strapping, but when I plug in the microphone connector, the link keys up the radio immediately (goes to transmit mode). The mic PTT switch has no effect. When the connection to the radio mic input is removed (at the radio end), the Control RCC still appears to key the PTT line (RX audio is muted at the Control end).

The control end cable is a store-bought MJ-88 adapter used per the RRC instructions. Brand new Control RRC, older unit at Radio end.

I'm at a loss as to explain this behavior. I have 4 other sets of RRC's all running perfectly on other radios in my network and I thought I knew what I was doing  ... until now.


General discussion / iPhone Hot spot connection
« on: 2019-12-22, 16:42:48 »
I've seen other posts on this subject here but I've not seen any meaningful replies.

I can connect to my home Wifi network, other Apple devices and even Android hot spots easily but I cannot connect to my iPhone hot spot. In fact, often, the SSID does not even appear in the scan list ... even when other devices are connected to the hot spot and working properly.

I'm beginning to think there is some incompatibility between the RRC-1258's WiFi adapter and Apple.

Does anyone have suggestions?


I'm using an external keyer and have gone back to CW keying using my auxiliary RRC link via the RJ45 I/O connector. That's because my FlexRadio 6600/Maestro pair doesn't properly adjust for Internet delays (RTT) and jitter any more with their new SmartSDR v3.x software... I get messed up CW when using the Flex approach now.

Because I'm using an external keyer, I was wondering if the CW paddle RRC jitter corrections are still applied when using the IN0 (I/O connector pins 4&8) method of keying? Or must I use the RRC built in keyer to get that protection?

I'm operating from 800 miles away and have an average RTT of about 72mS. All seems to be working fine, but I'm wondering if I shouldn't just be using the built in keyer?


I have my remote site linked for a remote control head operation with the IC-706 radio. Everything is working perfectly. Just like being there.

However, I would like to add a secondary and independent CI-V control link for CI-V CAT control of a separate IC-746PRO at the same site. At first blush, it would seem that I could use either unused COM port (COM1 or COM2) in a "serial server" mode. In other words, connect a CAT program to COM1 locally and a Serial to CI-V adapter to the COM1 port at the remote site to provide CAT control of the IC-746.

I have tried both COM1 and COM2 without any success. I am asserting CTS/RTS in case the adapter needs power from those leads.

Is this mode of operation using a Serial to CI-V adapter even possible? Any hints or suggestions would be appreciated.


OK ... I can understand no one wants to jump in on this one so let me restate the question: Can I set up different radios under different profiles? I configure the control for an IC706 head and it works for the Yaesu (I don't use the Aux/Mic connector). I can't get the 706 to work under a different profile that is set up identically to another control box where it is working fb. Is this even possible??

Original post:

I have been successfully remoting my FTDX3000 for some time now. I just purchased a second RRC 1258 set to operate my IC706 via the remote head. Both are operating perfectly and simultaneously to different locations using all four boxes.

But I would like to free up one control unit and operate the IC-706 with the same (original) control unit that I am using for the FTDX3000, but under a different profile. I reconfigured the strapping for the IC706 and the unit still works with the Yaesu on COM1. (I do not use the Aux/Mic socket when running the Yaesu). But when I change profiles and use the same settings as I used on the working new unit, I cannot get it to work with the IC706. Same cables, same settings, trying to connect to the same radio end unit. Can this even be done?

All four boxes are V7. The older V7 (control) was updated to V2.75 firmware. This box works with the Yaesu under one profile, but not with the Icom under a different profile. All the other boxes are running V2.74. I have not been able to get this second profile to work even on the LAN.

Thanks and 73,


Hardware, Cabling, Installations / PTT in FTDX3000D
« on: 2013-09-30, 13:03:44 »
I've been trying to get this to work with my new FTDX3000D. Everything seems to work. I connect, get good audio and can key (CW) when the radio is set for break-in operation from the CONTROL unit paddle...

I've been running with ICOM IC746PRO for months without an issue.

But as soon as I plug in the mic connector into the Yaesu radio, the radio keys in transmit. The RADIO unit mic strapping has been checked and double checked. I remove the RADIO unit microphone straps one at a time. When I remove the GROUND strap, the radio unkeys. The radio keys with only the GROUND strap installed and no others.

I'm using the factory cable for the mic connector.

This one has me stumped. Can you assist?

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