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I have seen an application for that but cannot find it again. 1216H.
73,  Thomas

Hi,  two webswitches possible on same remote location to be able to use 10 relays?

General discussion forum / no temperature readout
« on: 2013-10-28, 11:38:46 »
this is probably easy to answer. I get no correct temperature readout:
Current Temp A(IN): Current 0.0625, Max 0.0625 , Min 0.0625
sw 3.3
Build Jun 12 3013
What to do?
Thomas  DL7AV

General discussion forum / JT65 via Remoterig?
« on: 2013-08-10, 08:44:42 »
Hi all,
before I try it: Has anyone used Remoterig for the reception of weak signals via JT65? What settings did you use to receive signals below the noise level? "0-alaw 8 kHz" will probably not work, maybe "linear 16bits 8 kHz"?
73,  Thomas  DL7AV

Configuration, RRC 1258 / how to delete profiles?
« on: 2012-02-03, 12:56:43 »
I now have 3 useless profiles due to playing around with the settings at different locations. When choosing one of those the access is blocked and I have to use the setup manager via USB to get to the default profile. How to delete profiles? And how to rename them?
73,  Thomas  DL7AV

Hi, has anybody succeeded in connecting via an UMTS stick? Connecting (through an X-cable) the Panel-RRC to the Ethernet connector of a notebook which is using a plugged in UMTS (HSPA) stick? Unsuccessful here. Very good 3G quality at the test location. LAN card of notebook set to, RRC set to Windows-Firewall switched off. After switching on the RRC, continuous LED at RRC after a few seconds. When trying to switch on the TS-480 there is the typical short beep after 2-3 seconds. But the TS-480 does not switch on! HSPA constant data exchange afterwards, 2 kbps upload, 129 kbps download. After switching off the RRC the data exchange stays at 129 kbs up and down! Any idea what the problem is?
Thomas DL7AV

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