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Instead of trying to run wsjt-x at the control site, I bought a NUC to put at the radio running Ubuntu 18.04LTS. I have a K3 with KIO3B upgrade, and a KPA1500.

I can control the KPA1500 with my NUC just fine. Unfortunately, I can't talk to my K3 at all. I'm jockeying around with the COM2 settings and I could use some help to try to get the local NUC (remember, it's at the radio side, not the control side) to talk to the K3.

I was also thinking if this is not possible, can I just disconnect COM2 from the RRC-1258MkIIs and just connect the RS-232 directly to the NUC? Does the RRC-1258Mk2IIs need COM2 at all?

Thanks for any help. I'm trying options one by one and it's driving me nuts. I've already bought a copy of Win10Pro before I realized the problem wasn't Win10 (tried my laptop) but was with the serial port. I'd rather not waste hundreds more USD to figure this out.

On page 22 it says:

Control-RRC only: JMP-1 is placed behind the TTL connector. With the strap in place a DC voltage is feed to the microphone element. All ICOM microphones should be DC-feed.
Dynamic microphones like the ones used by Kenwood should not be DC-feed. HEIL microphones should not be DC-feed either.

Heil microphones aren't all dynamic and some are electret and require the DC bias. I found this out the hard way when trying to debug a non-operational microphone.

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