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Configuration, RRC 1258 / Remote Rig Winkeyer and N1MMPlus
« on: 2015-01-02, 16:48:49 »
I am experiencing a problem when using the Remote Rig Winkeyer with
N1MMPlus. N1MM hangs after sending CW characters to the Winkeyer to
transmit using the function keys. After posing this problem to the N1MM forum, I was told that
N1MM expects to see status bytes from the Winkeyer ( one saying that
sending CW has started, and another when sending is complete) before it
will issue another CW message. Using a USB monitor program, I can see the
setup sent from N1MM to the Winkeyer (0A 16 00 16 02 00 1C 16), then I see
the characters to be transmitted and the character echos back from the Winkeyer.
I see neither status byte from the Winkeyer to N1MM on the USB monitor. If I
read the Winkeyer manual correctly, the start of transmit status byte would be
C4, the end of transmission status byte would then be C0).

Is there some setup function I am missing? The rest of the interface
between N1MM, the K3/0, the Remote Rig and the K3 is working well.

Using WinXP, Remote Rig Version 5, HW 6, Software 2.81, K3/0,
K3 (with most recent updates).


73, Mike, W3IP

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