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General discussion forum / IC7100 issue
« on: 2018-09-01, 16:02:26 »
Hi I have a problem,
working for two years without problem.
Same connection, modem, firewall ports are open and checked.
Rebooted everything.

When I switch on the consolle of IC7100 the yellow light on the aux/mic cable blink one time (couple of seconds) without switching on the radio.

from the telnet of both the side I have these messages...

Debug from RRC

duplex: New Audiocoding 104 (12 KHz)
duplex: New Audiocoding 104 (12 KHz)
New UDP CmdTxPort=13002
duplex: New Audiocoding 104 (12 KHz)
duplex: New Audiocoding 104 (12 KHz)
New UDP CmdTxPort=13002
R-> Radio ON requested (2)
rtp enable []
R-> Connection established, radio ON, audioQuality=4
duplex: New Audiocoding 104 (12 KHz)
New radioctrlTxPort: 1031
R-> Sending '8V is off'
R-> Radio '8V off' from panel
rtp disable

Debug from CP

CP-> Radio ON(Idle)
duplex: New Audiocoding 102 (8 KHz)
duplex: New Audiocoding 102 (8 KHz)
duplex: New Audiocoding 102 (8 KHz)
New UDP CmdTxPort=13002
rtp enable []
CP-> Sending 8V: 0 Mute spk: 0
CP-> audioQuality=2
duplex: New Audiocoding 102 (8 KHz)
CP-> Panel '8V off' from radio
CP-> Radio/Panel OFF (0)
rtp disable
duplex: New Audiocoding 102 (8 KHz)

the rtp disable message it is returned after couple of seconds

How can I solve this issue? which is the cause?

General discussion forum / remote switch ON IC1700
« on: 2018-08-13, 15:09:06 »
I have an IC7100 perfectly working and configured with remoterig solution.
I also have remote access both the telnet interfaces and web interfaces.

There is a way to switch on/off the Radio Panel ?

kind regards

Configuration, RRC 1258 / IC7100 no switching on
« on: 2017-03-25, 09:40:33 »
The led on the RRC control switch on for a while and after off. No display is on.
I suppose that the issue is from the RRC radio side.
The debug show me this

New UDP CmdTxPort=13002
R-> Radio ON requested (2)
rtp enable [xx.xx.217.111/13001 xx.xx.217.111/13001]
R-> Connection established, radio ON, audioQuality=2
duplex: New Audiocoding 102 (8 KHz)
New radioctrlTxPort: 49567
New rcpTxPort: 59199
R-> Radio '8V off' from panel
R-> Sending '8V is off'
rtp disable

So why the Radio '8V off' from panel instead switchin it on?

Configuration, RRC 1258 / RCC Stopped working
« on: 2017-03-16, 07:10:16 »
Since few days the remoterig system stop working/communicating.
In reality both the devices are reachable and the configuration was untouched since one year.
but if I push the power on button of the connected ic7100 control panel nothing happens.
I checked the deubug and I having the following message (the -- is for privacy reason but the addresses are ok).

CP-> Radio ON(SIP mode=1)
DNS Tx:   8.  8.  8.  8:  53  DNS-query:

DNS Rx:   8.  8.  8.  8:  53  DNS-response: ----------.159

>>>Unknown ICMP-package received, type 3 code 3

HI, I just noticed that I can hear a strong (white) noise if I put hearphone in the SP port of the RCC unit.
This noise is also pushed inside the IC7100 if I put the volume to zero and I connect the earphone to the SP port of the radio frontal.
I tried to detach everything from the RCC and I can hear also if I just plug the power supply without nothing else attached (no ethernet cable, no usb, no icom7100 cable).
What it can be? Is it possible to reduce it?

I'm using remoterig with an icom ic7100 since one year without any problem.
I had my control unit in a house within adsl connection to the radio site.
No problem at all. Really good performance considering that the adsl bandwith in the remote house is near to 100kbs (really bad).

Since couple of days I moved in the remote home and I attached remoterig directly to the lan house: but with my big surprise I start observing a lot of problem.
If I press PTT mic button the TX remain switched for several seconds after I release the mic. If I talk I have no feedback on the local meter. Sometimes the control shutdown.
I checked all connection twice. I fabric reset the control and the radio remoterig and the radio too. But the issue still remain.
I'm skilled in networking so I can assure that it is not due to network configuration... at least if the high speed is a problem for remoterig (the ping time is quite close to 1ms).
I'm really confused....

I really cannot understand (or found a precise reference) about the difference between the two models.

General discussion forum / audio from pc to ic7100
« on: 2016-01-05, 00:09:55 »
Hi, I'm trying to send the audio signal from pc to ic7100 via remoterig.
My configuration is a classic: ic7100 front panel  -> remoterig control ----internet---> remoterig radio -> ic7100 rig
I also attached a pc for cat control pc -> usb on remoterig control ----- internet ---> com2/ttl level adapter -> cat control of ic7100 rig
everything works perfectly within several software connected via virtual serial com of remoterig
I also get audio from sp port of remoterig control via pc line-in
I can control PTT via software but cannot send audio out from pc to the transmitter.
I tried using pin 5 and 6 of mic on the ic7100 frontal part but I got just some bump (probably is a bad driving current from the line out of the pc).
Any suggestion ??

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Remote audio for IC7100
« on: 2015-12-27, 21:28:12 »
I just setup my ic7100 for cat controlling via remoterig.
My configuration is pc-> USB -> Remoterig Control -----Remoterig Radio -> CI-V cable on com2 -> ic7100 via SP port (3,5mm jack).
Everything works perfectly for controlling.
Now my question is: this configuration supports the remote audio between pc and ic7100?
How can remotely manage the bidirectional audio (and ptt) for using for example within dm780 of HRD suite?

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / ic7100 and HRD deluxe
« on: 2015-11-03, 16:34:12 »
Hi, i looked around but I couldn't find anything about the possibility to interface the Control RRC (with or without the ic7100 front panel attached) to HRD deluxe or other similar software. Any hint for this?

Hi, I just read in the instruction that the suggested voltage for supply both of two is 13,8V 1A.
Anyone tested successfully a power supply of 12V ? there is any possibility of burn something?

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