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I am a (RHR) member.  I use an RRC-1258 MkII to interface with my Elecraft K3/0 Mini and the N1MM+ logger.   I have modified stock N1MM+ Function Key Files to use the K3 KY command and the N1MM+ CATA1ASC command to transmit ASCII characters to a remote K3 for nearly a year, because this is what RHR tells you to do.

Recently, I determined how to use the WinKey emulator to key a remote K3 directly using the stock N1MM+ Function Key Files.  Initially, the remote K3 hung up frequently.  That is, the TX light stayed lit after a command was completed.  This was accompanied by either a K3 ERR KEY or ERR PTT message.  I tried everything to eliminate this issue.  The extent of the issue varies from station to station.  Finally, I discovered that if I added a couple of spaces at the end of each N1MM+ logger function key command, the issue appeared to go away.

However, during the CQ160CW contest this year, the issue occurred often enough that I switched back to the KY CATA1ASC Function Key File.

My question is why is it necessary to add one of more spaces to the end of each N1MM+ logger function key command?

I just updated the firmware to version 2.90, but that did not resolve the issue.  Right now I am testing with only one space at the end of each command.

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