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Configuration, Webswitch 1216H / Overstock
« on: 2014-09-23, 10:33:58 »
Hi All
before putting it somewhere else for sale

All items are new and tested
Bought them all in double but they never fail  :)

1216H-2  ext function
1216K Radio Tranceiver
Euro Power supply
1216R RS232 9PF
1216S RS232 9PM
DS18B20 (2x)
1216L Rotator control

contact me off the webpage



Hi All,
the new RRC-1258.bin file is working OK , it only needs to be uploaded in the radio box
make sure you have a CIV connection with ttl to RS232 converter between com2 on the radio box
the rest is show in picture below


General discussion forum / YAESU TWIN Known Bugs
« on: 2012-06-06, 16:37:06 »
Hi All Twin users,
This Topic is only to help Mike,Jan & Roland solving known bugs in the Yaesu protocol.
Pse add so we get a complete list.

Some buttons like "Width" "Shift" have to be set ON at the remote side before you can switch them
on/off at the control side.

Transverter connected to the remote rig is not working at the control side.
When the setup is done correctly you can use a transverter at the remote side without any problem
but when you try it from the local end it is not working anymore.
The only way you can use a transverter is to switch the radio ON at the remote end and
setup for using the transverter.
Leave the radio ON and drive back to the control side,
Switch on the radio there.
Now you can use 10Khz up/down of the freq you saw on the remote radio but only when using RX and TX clarifier.
When using the normal VFO it stops working.

Guy ON4AOI     

General discussion forum / Webswitch Version V2.0
« on: 2011-12-18, 12:18:58 »
Hi Jan and others

The added new Function type called “Kenwood(FA/FB), no txd” and the complete redesigned antenna selection is a joy to have.
relays switching depending on the frequency instead of complete band is perfect, certainly on the low bands.
Also that the webswitch relays goes OFF when there is no freq getting in anymore after a time (depend on user setting) is perfect.

In my case and some other DX4WIN users here on the forum no special cables have to be made for only listening to the radio, they only need to connect a straight cable from SteppIR output (setup in DX4WIN) to the webswitch and your done.

Just wondering what your next improvement can be  ;D

Guy ON4AOI   

General discussion forum / Webswitch via Android
« on: 2011-10-18, 18:16:49 »
Hi Jan,
tried it on samsung 7" tablet with still froyo 2.2 on it
but after I setup in settings http://...-...-...-...:9999/
it hangs and get an error screen, or it is caused by older froyo version
or maybe its because the added port on the tcpip ad

Guy ON4AOI   

General discussion forum / Yaesu TWINS different firmwares
« on: 2011-09-28, 13:27:26 »
Hi All,
this topic is only for twin users and specially those that use FTDX5000.
I like to know what MAIN and EDSP software is in both Rigs and if all is working ok.
to view press GEN+50+ENT and power ON

If possible like this

RRC  RIG              MAIN            EDSP         Comments
2.41  FTDX5000     0117            0530          OK
2.41  FTDX5000     0120            0537          NOT OK, turning VFO results in loosing AUDIO and SMETER stalls etc.

for those that like to send in private pse use


General discussion forum / Missing drawings are back online
« on: 2011-01-13, 17:19:37 »
Hi All,
guess after the move of the webpage all the attachements dissapeared
got many request via email so I uploaded (hopely) all again in the related


Hi All,
Drawings attached are a complete remote/local setup for
Kenwood TS-840
Prosistel rotator
Expert-1k amp
Webswitch 1216H
K9AY switching via I/O

extras used are
Second display (not needed if using DX4WIN-HRD etc when selecting local position)
MOXA Nport 5210 (TCPIP to 2 x RS232)
DB15 2 way switch for remote and local switching

first picture is only showing the remote end, here you can switch to control
the rig with second display and/or computer if you are there

Guy ON4AOI  


Hi All,
here another drawing with all connections for CW-AFSK-FSK-PTT and the possibility to control the expert-1k / webswitch remote or local with software like DX4WIN-HRD etc,
Kenwood ARCP-480 doesn't work for the webswitch or expert-1k because the communication is not like standard software.

To make life easier standard 6p Mini Din extension cable is used
and for the 8pin Mini Din you can find on ebay Apple DIY printer cable (8 pin mini DIN male to open end 2 metres long)


Hi All,
If you dont need the build in Keyer then this might be an option to use the I/O possibilities
I attached the drawing,
At control side , in the Keyer settings ENABLE = NO and in I/O settings IN0 mode = I/O
At radio side in I/O settings all 3 OUT(xyz) = I/O



Hi All,
If you install on a brand new computer (laptop) {XP-VISTA-W7} without any other software installed you probably want have any problem. 
Installation of the software only worked perfect on my VISTA 64bit (english) testcomputer but not on my VISTA 32bit (english) hamradio-computer, nor my eeepc with XP(english) and also not  (unsolved) on my Laptop with VISTA 32bit(dutch) {it even does not start the program}.

PC1 Vista 64bit = software ok and comports ok (fresh computer)
PC2 Vista 32bit = software ok but comports NOT ok (virtual ports installed)
PC3 XP Home = software ok but comports NOT ok (USB to serial installed)
LAPTOP Vista 32bit software NOT ok but comports ok (unsolved software conflict)

Solution in 99% of the cases where the comports are not OK
is to uninstall all virtual comports (VSPE-VSPD-MICROHAM -etc)
or if you have USB to serials connected uninstall them also.
After this reinstall PC CLIENT and now com0-1-2 will be installed ok
Reason is because the software doesnt recognize virtual comports and gives them
portnumbers that allready excist.
Reboot and check again, if all is ok you can reinstall virtual ports or USB to Serial
converters again with higher portnumbers.

Didnt found a solution yet for the sotware crash on my laptop but probaly caused by other software.




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