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General discussion forum / Windows 11 / Virtual Ports?
« on: 2022-02-15, 03:20:49 »

One of my remote users 'accidentaly' let his PC upgrade to Windows 11 ... I nor he was aware they were upgrading PC's with adequate hardware.

From that time on, his Control 1258 RR box is not recognized on the USB port by the PC, which of course doesn't install the virtual COM ports, making it impossible to use remote software (N1MM+/MMTTY etc.)  This thwarted our plans to include him in our remote ops this last weekend in WPX RTTY

ARRL DX CW is this weekend, and we are struggling to get him going.

DOES ANYBODY KNOW:  Are the Virtual Com Port Driver installed with the Microbit Manager compatible with Windows 11???  We uninstalled / reinstalled numerous time, same result.

The Microbit manager screen comes up with this solo message: look ForHids()

The radio can connect, it is possible to browse to the box to control, but NO LUCK getting the Virtual Com port running.

Any ideas?

Kevin K7ZS

A friend had a nearby lightning strike, less than 30 meters from his antenna.  This damaged a number of electronic items, including his computer, SteppIR controller and both a RADIO and CONTROL side RRC-1258MkIIs ...

Having lots of test equipment and rework gear, I offered to take a look to see if they could be rescued.  They exhibit NO signs of life - nothing on the AUX/MIC or USB port ... they do not register with Window 10 when plugged into the USB port.

No visible signs of damage (the SteppIR controller had a chip blown in half though!)

Are there schematics for these boards?  Any advice?  Are there possibly chip fuses like so many modern electronics have (including most transceivers ...)

Any advice appreciated

73 Kevin K7ZS

HNY All!

The subject line says it all.  We have been using Audio Quality 0, ALAW 8Khz but have been pretty disappointed with how it handles dropouts, compared to AQ setting #f 2, the LINEAR 16 Bit 8 Khz.  All users and the station now have greatly improved internet connections, so we decided to improve audio quality and move to a different setting.

THE PROBLEM is while it works great WITHOUT the DUAL-RX on, as soon as we switch to having both receiver audio streams available in the headphones, the receive audio quality suffers, regardless of the Jitter Buffers and Jitter Delay settings.  It introduces a 'crackling' component to the audio that is really noticable on CW, and especially when tuned to a fairly strong signal.

This is a competition station, so we don't want lots of T/R delay which is introduced with the increase in the jitter settings.  All other settings have been tried and perfected over 2 full contest seasons of use.  It's a full M/2 station, and we are experienceing the trouble on BOTH stations, so we have ruled out a single radio or remote rig hardware item as the source of the problem.

We have tried virtually everything, and cannot seem to find a setting that works, OTHER than going back to ALAW 8Khz...

The radios are fully loaded and updated K3's, K3/0 for the control side, late build RR boxes, latest firmware, very good and dedicated internet connection at the station (nobody firing up Face Time or NetFlix etc.)

Any clues to share would be greatly appreciated.

73 Kevin K7ZS

On my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, when the Elecraft NANO app is installed I lose all microphone use on the tablet, except for the NANO app.   Apparently, the app 'steals' the microphone from all other apps.  Uninstalling it does not return the microphone to the other apps.  Once it is installed, the tablet loses that function.  The only fix is to reset the tablet to FACTORY DEFAULTS which allows other apps to use the Microphone again.  BUT, even though I backed up the tablet, none of the license information is restored from the backup, so now I am back on trial mode again. and of course if I want to use the mic for anything else - no go....

I sure hope a fix for this is published soon ...

73 Kevin K7ZS

Hello All

I use the RemoteRig system at my home QTH a lot, since the 'best' station is out in a remote ham shack.  I am having the recurring problem of an "ECHO" on my transmitted signal, due to the RF getting into the CONTROL unit.  I am running power, about 1 KW, but the antenna is 100 feet above ground, and the tower is over 100 feet from the room in the house.

If I use the tower situation right over the station (@ 75 feet) the problem becomes much worse.  This is not RF in the Shack, this is just the RR Control box injecting a delayed signal back into the audio.

Rig is a TS-480SAT, using the hand microphone.  RR Box is grounded, toroids on the power supply cable, but not on the others.  No other connections to the remote rig i.e. key paddle, noting in the I/O port or an external speaker.

I do NOT have this problem when using the radio directly to the amplifier, an Alpha 9500, so this is definitely a RR Control box issue in the near field of the transmit antenna.

Any suggestions???  I need this to work as I am having an electronic cardiac pacing device installed next week, and it has been suggested to keep my distance from the amplifier and antenna.

73 Kevin K7ZS

Any suggestions of whi


I recently installed the WiFi module in my early model 1258, which required the installation of the header.

The WiFi works, but now it will no longer work on the CAT5 Ethernet Interface?  I have set the IP Settings Eth-Type to AUTO, and IP-Interface to AUTO - PREFER ETHERNET.

I use a FIXED IP ADDRESS when here on the LAN (remote control station from other part of the house).  I get a steady PWR light, but no connectivity.

When I access the unit via USB interface, and it all looks right, except NETWORK NOT CONNECTED appears above the info.

What am I doing wrong, or is there a problem?

I am running firmware version 2.66

Thanks and 73

Kevin K7ZS

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