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General / TS2000 with Nano, no power on
« on: 2018-04-03, 20:49:40 »
Searched but couldn't find any answer, sorry if already been discussed..

I've successfully got my new RRC-1258's working with the TS2000 and Remote head, made a couple of contacts while away from home  8)

I now want to get the NANO working but I've run into an issue with what could be down to my settings.

1.Radio doesn't switch on via app (turns off ok) but I have audio through the phone if I manually switch on.
2. Buttons on app are not functional and no frequency display.

I have the straight com cable connected from radio to RRC

COM2 mode 4
 COM2 baudrate 4800 (set same in radio)
 COM2 data bits 8
 COM2 stop bits 1
 COM2 parity 0-off
 COM2 terminator (hex) 00

Samsung S6 edge (4g network) with NANO 1.5.1
Sip port 1300 (same RRC)
UDP AUDIO 13001 (same rrc)
" " CMD 13002 (same as rrc)
Jitter 4
Delay 3

Sip contact I took from rrc (few letters & number)

During initial installation of RRC, jumper 3 wasn't touched and remains default  (strapped)

Could it just be my phone not being good with the app or have I missed something obvious?


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