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General discussion forum / Power failure
« on: 2013-04-13, 21:39:04 »

My RRC-1258 MkII (radio side) has ceased functioning. The power supply gives 12 V, but on connection to the box, the PWR LED remains unlit. The box has disappeared from the net. It is also impossible to reach the box from the computer through Microbit Setup Manager. Well: The box is dead. Does anyone have any suggestions what to try to "resuscitate" the device?

73, de LA6BNA Geir

For two weeks I have had a well functioning set-up with RRC-1258MkII in both ends of the internet-connection, controlling an IC-703 at the radio-side. It has not given me any problems or major challenges.

Today I got my RRC-MicroPC-Client which I have installed so that I can control the on/off-function on the radio. But when trying to control the radio by HamRadio DeLuxe (both version 4 and 5) I get an error-message telling me the programme is unable to read the frequency and to be sure that the radio is turned on. (After the programme has tried to read the frequency three times.

I am quite sure that I have written the correct settings. My question is therefore how to set up the MicroPC-client in addition to (and not instead of or altering) the well functioning RRC-1258 to RRC-1258-connection. Is that possible?

Best regards, Geir LA6BNA

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