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Configuration, RRC 1258 / TS-480 and 8 Volt jumper
« on: 2018-12-01, 13:55:02 »
While I was doing the configuration of new Remote Rig 1258 MKII V7 Setup (for a TS-480) reading the latest version of the user manual I noticed that a "new 8Volt pin jumper" is present on pin 7 in the Control Side Unit

I own a RemoteRig 1258 MKII V4 bought in 2012 that I use (without ever having a problem) with my first TS-480 SAT (Jumper configuration Type 1)
In the 2012 version of the User Manual there is no mention about the 8 Volt Jumper on PIN 7 so, in 2012, I had not placed the jumper.

The question is: should i place the 8v jumper on the new setup?
What function does it have?

Thank you and season greetings.

73, IZ4MJP

General discussion forum / ... Compatibility
« on: 2018-11-23, 14:15:54 »
I'm a long time RRig user.

I own a RRig 1258 MkII (Hw version 4) with latest FW on board.

I have  question: may i import into a new RRig (Hw v. 7) the "BIN" settings file exported from Hw v. 4?
On the unit (v.7) i installed the WiFi interface (not present in the v.4 unit).

Is it safe to do an import (if allowed) or it's better to configure the V. 7 manually?

Thank you in advance.

73, IZ4MJP

General discussion forum / Help for PSK31
« on: 2017-12-31, 10:08:35 »
First of all HNY

I operate with RRig since 2010. So i have some experience with this fantastic Black-Box.
I have a setup based on RRC-1258 MKII v5 on both side (the radio is TS-480). Latest FW 2.91 on board.
All is working fine about SSB, CW and RTTY. No problem to control my TS-480 with several SW (DXLab, MixW, ecc)

Now I'm trying to use MixW to make PSK qsos.

I'm using the internal sound card of my Intel i5 Windows 10 Pro LapTop  connected with the 2 connectors (mic, speakers) of the RRC via 2 audio cables, the audio is OK. I built a cable that connect the Aux/Mic port (RJ-45 pin 3 and 4 as for RRig Manual) to a minijack stereo from speakers output on the PC.
Mix W controls the PTT via CAT.

The problem is that no audio arrives to the other side (RRig Radio Side). in USB mode (PSK31) there is no power out from TS-480. Mix W keys the radio so i'm sure it is in TX.

I've checked and re-checked the cable and the configurations and all is OK. If i connect the TS-480 handy mike to my cable (with some adapters) my voice arrives at the radio without problem with a good modulation (and power out).
It would seem that there is a band pass filter that prevents audio to go from RRig Control to RRig Radio side.

So before changing my setup i'm wondering if is there a solution for this problem.
Maybe the problem is due to poor audio quality settings?

I would like to know which parameters to set in order to operate with PSK.

Just for your information my parameters are:
Audio Codec: 0 - Alaw 8 Khz (i have bandwith problems)
Codec inp HPF Hz: 163
RTP tx mode: Continuous

Thank you in advance.

73 de IZ4MJP

Hi and Merry Christmas to all.
I own a couple of Remoterigs MKII (V. 4, HW 5) with Software 2.80 that i use with a Kenwood TS-480. This setup is working flawlessly.

As i'd like to update my RRigs to the latest 2.91 version I'm wondering if i have to make every single update in sequence (2.81 -> 2.83 -> 2.83 ... 2.91) or jump directly from 2.80 to 2.91

Another question: Is it worth updating?

Many thanks.

73, IZ4MJP

Might seems a trivial question but for me is not.

I use 2 sets of RemoteRig to control a TS-2000 and a TS-480 SAT.

After months of setup i've found the right balance and stability (i pilot an Expert 1K, a Dinamic antenna, a Rotor, CAT, ecc).

The 4 units use software 2.62.

I see on the RemoteRig website that software reached version 2.72.

None of the new features are of my interest (at first sight) and so i'm wondering if worth to update from 2.62 to 2.72 (taking the risks to experience some problems) or is better remain on 2.62.
What i do not undestand is if new FW/SW better improves other function of the R.R. System (not mentioned in the FW release).

Many thanks.

Vy 73
Franco, IZ4MJP

I'm experiencing audio volume problem when using the RTTY audio signal.
I'm using a TS-480 SAT and MMTTY.
I get the audio from the SP jack on the front side on the RRC Ctr and i keep the audio level at the minimum level.
I've also set at "1" the Audio level in the Windows 7 audio panel.

With this setup i often receive "garbages" on my screen probably due for the saturated signal.
So i'm wondering if there is a way to have a like "Line Signal" from TTL connector (not depending from  the volume knob).

Vy 73
Franco, IZ4MJP

General discussion forum / What happens if ADSL fails?
« on: 2013-02-12, 20:42:11 »
I mainly use my TS-480 via Remote RIG when i'm abroad for works.

Yesterday there was a blackout at my home (fortunately the RemoteRIG was not in use because i was at work).

What could happen if the ADSL connection fails (go down) during a QSO when i'm on TX?

I'm wondering if the Remote RIG MK 1258 MKII (Radio Side) has an "emergency procedure" in the firmware that switch off TX if this event happens.

Franco, IZ4MJP

While waiting the arrival of the RRC Micro PC Client from Difona i've tried to install del PC Client Sw in trial mode on a MacBook AIR with Bootcamp (Win 7 Pro).

After the process installation, the software ask me to register myself. A "Registration complete" window then appeared.

When i launch the software a window appears with a strange error.

I translate inEnglish the first two rows:
"The input is not a valid Base64 string because include a non base64 character, more that 2 filling characters or a non empty space between the filling characters".

Then follows some strings that starts with "... in MicroBit"

On the same machine (PC) i use the MicroBit SetUp Manager and, when attach the RRC Standard, the 4 Virtual Ports works without problems.

I specify that yesterday i have also installed (and registered with the same Call and email) the RRC Pc Client also in trial mode on a "Virtual PC" emulated with WM Ware on an Intel Mac in order to test it under VM Ware (the PC is running Win XP SP 3) and all worked fine.

Someone could help me to understand what is happening and how to resolve the issue?

Many thanks

73 de IZ4MJP, Franco


Maybe my question has already been answered. If so please apologise.

I'd like to re-buy (i've sold it some months ago) a RRC PC Client  to use only with the ARCP-2000using only the Virtual Ports that RRC PC software installs.

Is now the PC Client fully compatible with ARCP-2000 under WIN 7?

Many thanks.


Configuration, RRC 1258 / TS-480 + FSK (MMTTY)
« on: 2012-11-13, 13:19:59 »
I've just completed the setup for working RTTY via FSK using a TS-480 SAT + RemoteRig MKII and MMYTTY.

All works fine but i've noticed that the "signal intensity" (the amplitude of the signal) on the MMTTY waterfall seems very low.

I can decode the strongest signals without problem but in presence of "normal signal level" MMTTY decodes very bad.

I've compared the same signals on two different PC/RTx (TS-480 + RRig + MMTTY   and  a FT-1000 MP Mark V Field + MicroKeyer II + MMTTY).

With the use of MicroKeyer (always using FSK and NOT AFSK) i can adjust the volume settings of the incoming signal.

I'm wondering if the same is possible with RRig and/or MMTTY.

Just another question: If i use a CODEC with more quality (now i use Codec 0 Alaw 8 Khz) could the signal improve?

Many thanks for any help/suggestions.

Vy 73
Franco, IZ4MJP

Hello to the Group.

As i'd like to start doing RTTY (PSK31 as well) in remote so i'm looking for a setup.
I own a Kenwood TS-480 SAT and a Signalink USB II (plus RemoteRIG MKII).

Has someone had experience with this configuration?
For the audio in (to Segnalink) i've thought to split the "Speaker OUT" signal in the Control Unit but i have doubt for the Out (from Signalink to RRC).

I mainly use Mix W for digital activities.

Many tnx for any help.

Vy 73
Franco, IZ4MJP

General discussion forum / Help configuring Serial Port
« on: 2011-10-16, 16:00:38 »
I own a UltraBeam UB-50 Dinamic antenna.
As for the SteppIR product, UltraBeam has released a Remote Control software that allows users to operate the UB-50 remotely.

I've tried the cables and the RS-232 setup (directly from my PC) and all works fine. So the setup is OK on the PC Side.

I've spent the last 7 hours to try to use the Ultra Beam control software over the RS-232 interface of my Remote Rig but without results.

I've tried (i think) all the possible set-up but nothing. I'm going crazy because i don't know where to find a solution.

I'v also searched in the Forum but i didn't find any practical help.

Here is my setup:

- Remote Rig RRC-1258 with sw 2.36 on booth
- TS- 480 SAT (works perfectly in my setup)
- 1 Straight RS-232 cable connected from RRig COM1Radio Side  to the RS-232 port of the UltraBeam Controller
- 1 Straight RS-232 cable connected from RRig COM1Control Side  to the RS-232 port of my PC running Win XP SP 3

I've tried some protocols in the "Serial Settings" RRig WEB interface.
I think the right one should be this:

- COM1 Mode: 3 char-timeout
- Baud Rate 9600
- DataBits: 8
- Stop Bits 1
- Parity: 0 Off
- Com1 RTS/CTS: No

But with these settings the Control Software doesn't work.

Could someone help me let me know what is the exact protocol i have to use (i will have the same problem remoting a Yaesu Rotor) and if i'm using the right cables (i've read on the Foru that COM1 and COM2 use different configuration).

Many thanks

Franco, IZ4MJP

General discussion / Micro PC Client and Kenwood ARCP-2000
« on: 2011-03-01, 14:35:27 »
I've very appreciated the last release of the PC Client (1.1.1 and 1.1.2).
Many thanks for the new user interface and more.... Now is really more practical to use.

I'm an active user of the PC Client but i experience problems using the TS-2000 with HRD 5 (slow, some radio funcitions are not recognised, ecc ecc).

Do you plan to let the the PC Client to operate with ARCP 2000 (or ARCP 480)?

I think i'm not the only one that feels the need of such a feature.

Tnx for the great job!


As we know, ARCP-2000 is not compatible with the RRC Micro PC Client due to some problem in the way it operate with RS-232.

As i'm not a fan of HRD, i've found on the Web another software that drives the TS-2000. ARCS II by WB5KIA

This software is quite similar to ARCP-2000 by Kenwood but is more complex to use (has more facilites than ARCP-2000).

So i've tried to use it with my PC Client and Sw Beta 1.22 and after finishing the set up, ARCS II worked perfectly (It switch On & Off the Rtx, use the internal memory and display their name, ecc).

The only drawback is the stability. I experienced some problem with the interface and i killed the app several time.

Maybe is a problem of my Eee PC with Atom Processor.

I'd like to shar with others my experience.

Vy 73

Franco, IZ4MJP - HB9EIH

General discussion forum / RRC-Micro PC Client & ARCP-2000
« on: 2010-11-07, 09:09:28 »
i'd like to know if the RRC-Micro PC Client works with the Kenwood ARCP-2000 software (TS-2000).

I know that HRD works fine but i'm more interested to use ARCP-2000.
Has someone had experience with this set-up?

Another question to Mike: is there any plan to let ARCP-480 works with RRC-Micro PC Client?

Many thanks.

Franco IZ4MJP - HB9EIH

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